Friday, November 14, 2008

A Dirty Little Moment of Passion

His mouth closes over mine and all I can taste is cigarettes and booze.
Still the moment takes me and I wrap my arms around him, as if to say "Take me with you".
His hands work down my body and I can feel my panties fall to the floor.
I try to fumble with his belt, but I am interupted as he lifts me onto the near by table.
Tossing the panties aside, he slips his hand between my thighs and my world begans to spin.
One, two fingers inside and I feel as if I will lose control as my body explodes.
I cry out for his cock and find myself lowering to my knees.
He teases me as first, pulling his cock away.
I steal it from him, and began to suck and lick to his delight.
His dirty words entice me on, but only lead to the moment of his release and then a bad taste in my mouth.


Croaker said...

Sorry for beating you on the BotB's kiddo don't take it personally.

BTW here are some good stories like the ones you are trying to write.

It might give you some inspiration.

Pappy said...

my girlfriend really likes your writting.

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