Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Is Pussy a Bad Word?

Good Words:

Pussy – Makes me think of something nice to pet.
Kitty – “Wanna pet the kitty?” Again sounds nice.
Muff – Another soft word.
Honey Pot – Something sweet for licking.
Cookie – Something sweet to nibble on.
Clit – Dirty but not technical.
Clitty – Cute like kitty.
Button – Push the button and something wonderful happens!
Beaver – A good Canadian nickname.

In Between Words:

Box – It’s okay if the man’s “package” is the same size as your box.
Vagina – It’s okay, but too technical for me.
Cooter – Okay if you’re a Dukes of Hazard fan.
Cunny – It’s on the line between nice and bad.
Wet spot – Not the greatest, but it won’t cause a boot up your ass.
Koochiesnorcher – See the “Vagina Monologues”. More of a funny name.
Beautiful Nicknames (Pearl, flower, etc.) – Okay if your girl is okay with it.
Vertical Smile – Okay if you work at a Strip Club. “Miles and miles of vertical smiles!”

Bad Words:

Snatch – It makes it sound like our pussy is going to grab your dick and not let go.
Crack – Too close to an asshole nickname.
Hole – It sounds like something you throw your dick into.
Gash – Too violent.
Slit – Again too violent. Makes me think of a paper cut.
Cunt – Worst word possible! Only women are safe to use this one.
Twat – Sounds like a ghetto word or a bad English. “You’re Twat?”
Poon (Poontang) – Again too ghetto for me.
Pink Taco – It doesn’t sound tasty. More like a taco with uncooked meat.
Bad Nicknames (Cavern, Clam, Fishing hole, etc.) – Not a good choice if you ever want to fuck it again