Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Naughty Tip


“Laura, are you in there?” Joel entered the booth, only to find Laura lying naked on the VIP couch. “Laura, someone told me to meet you back here.”He scratched his head in confusion, “What’s going on?”
Laura opened her eyes and focused on Joel. “Joel, I need you to help me with something,“ She cooed. Laura’s hand slowly slipped between her thighs, and began to rub her aching, throbbing clit. She smiled up at Joel, flashing him a playful smile.
Joel stood in awe, as he watched Laura continue to play with herself, despite his presence. He knew that he should stop her, because any minute now someone could walk back there, but this was just too good to pass up.
“Laura, I know I said you needed to take care of me, but this wasn’t what I meant. It’s a nice alternative though.”
Laura continued to massage her clit as she reached her free hand towards Joel. “Come here,” She purred.
Joel stepped into the booth, and stood before Laura; the sweat starting to run down the back of his neck. Joel had wanted this for a long time, and Laura was always so restiant; so why now? “Honestly, you don’t have to do this. Money is just fine,” Joel stuttered. Did I just say that? Joel shook his inner self. Shut up, man and just take her.
Laura rosed to her knees and began to run her hands up Joel’s chest, massaging the fabric of his shirt. Laura, fighting the urge to rip it clean off his body, looked innocently up at him, “You can’t seriously tell me that you want money instead of this. Tell me you want me. That you want to fuck me,” Laura pulled at his shirt, “Please Joel; I need you to fuck me right now.”
Joel ran his hands through Laura’s hair, and slowly looked down at her. He wanted her so badly, but was afraid this wasn’t real. He would wake any moment now, and she would be gone. “Laura, are you sure about this?” He swallowed hard.
Laura pushed his shirt slowly upwards, “I want you, Joel. Right here, right now. Please don’t deny me this.” She began to lick and nibble along his waistline, feeding upon the scent of his skin. His musk was powerful and it made her pussy even wetter. She ran her tongue along his stomach, tasting the saltiness of his flesh. His skin was so smooth against Laura’s tongue.
Laura’s actions were driving Joel wild and he could no longer wait to feel her body. Joel dropping to his knees and positioned himself between Laura’s silky thighs. Joel’s eyes feasted upon the sight of Laura’s gorgous body. God, she’s looks so hot. How did I get so lucky? He pulled his shirt over his head and flung it onto the floor. He grasped Laura, pulling her closer, her breasts pushing up against him. He closed his eyes, focusing on the way her breasts felt; so soft and warm. He drew back to look at her, but she pulled in again, this time kissing him forcefully. Her mouth greedily closed over his as if she were trying to devour him.
Joel’s breathing quickened, matching Laura’s perfectly as if they were now somehow connected. Joel cupped her breasts in each hand, licking and teasing her tiny pink nipples until he could feel them harden in his mouth. Laura arched back in delight, her knees almost buckling under her from the shock.
Laura pulled Joel down onto the couch, and moved herself onto the floor in front, her eyes in inflamed in passion. Joel held his arms up to her, “Laura, you are incrediable.”
Laura found herself crawling between his legs. “I want this now,” she moaned as she forcefully ran her hands along his inner thighs. Unzipping his pants, she hungrily reached within to reveal his thick, hard cock, and began to lick slowly up the shaft. The smell of it was so manly and turned her on even more. As she reached the top, Laura parted her wet lips and sucked vigorously. She never felt so determined to please a man as she did right then and there. Joel had to come and come hard, or she wouldn’t be satisfied.
Laura went further down each time she sucked, listening in delight to the sounds of Joel’s moaning. His hand rested on the back of her neck, moving in motion with her head. Laura wrapped her right hand around his cock, moving in unison with her mouth. The more noise Joel made, the more she teased him; rolling her tongue around the tip of his cock. Joel was enjoying every movement of her mouth, but he didn’t want to come now. He wanted to be inside her, and so he pulled her head away from him.
Joel pulled Laura onto the couch, dipped his head between her legs, and slid his right index finger between her moist pussy lips. He rubbed the outer regions, teasing her. Laura quivered in anticipation as she wished Joel’s fingers would slip inside her. Finally he penetrated her folds, moving in and out rapidly. Laura held her breath in bliss as she bucked wildly against his moving hand. The heat that had began in her stomach now flamed wildly throughout her body and burned hotter with each motion of Joel’s hand. She couldn’t take it any longer; the passion consumed her so, and she needed to be filled completely inside.
Laura cradled Joel’s head as she beckonened him closer with her eyes. Joel responsed and slipped his fingers from her wet pussy.
Laura felt like she wanted to consume him as she kissed him fast and hard. She wanted him inside her now. Laura glazed into Joel’s eyes. “I want to feel your cock inside me, please,” she purred, “I need it now.”
Joel moaned lustfully at this request, and pulling Laura swiftly onto his lap, proceeded to hungrily kiss her neck. He nibbled his way up to her ear. “Your wish is my command,” he whispered.
Joel picked Laura up and lowered her slowly down onto his awaiting cock, enjoying the feel of her moist pussy lips as they enveloped him. She was so tight inside; he almost wanted to come. Joel wrapped his hands completely around Laura’s waist; her back was moist with sweat and her breathing was now more rapid than ever. He thrusted fiercely inside her; sucking hard on her breast as she moved in time with him. Laura bit her lip, holding back her blissful screams, as she pushed hard against Joel’s thrusting groin. Her pussy muscles tightened around his cock, and in one great explosion of pleasure, Laura came. The tightening of Laura’s pussy felt so good, Joel lost control and released his hot cum into Laura’s willing body. Sweaty and tired, Joel pulled out and they both fell back against the couch in a moment of absolute pleasure.
Joel turned slightly and held his hand up to Laura’s chin, “Well, you were right. That was definitely better than a $20 tip. I should pick your music more often if that’s how you’re going to thank me.”
Laura laughed, “What can I say. You’re a great strip club DJ and Motley Crue makes me horny.”


Gary Brackett said...

Hey unfair competition! Even Anne Rice would loose to you! Who can battle against eroticism and sensuality! Certainly not dry old politics! Well...all kidding aside: all is fair in Love, War and the battle of the blogs! Good luck! Gary from this Week's This. PS I will see the results tomorrow morning. It's late in Europe....

Trée said...

Very impressive writing. Mmmm . . .;-)

LaidBare said...


baby, you're hot *grin* more!

Big D said...

My brother at blugstuff.blogspot.com is going to love your blog!

:P fuzzbox said...

Love the look of your blog and the content is tops.

Stefanie said...


I live just steps away from the Hustler headquarters in Los Angeles, the tower of Flint Publications. I promise that if you gave me the red [green light, I would try my best to get your very hot sexy writing into their hands. I even know an editor personally and did photo work for his ass. E-mail me! It's on my website.

The Venting Housewife said...

A hot blog this is indeed!
Thanks for stopping by mine and the linkage...I will be sure to return the favour.

Anonymous said...

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