Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sex Toys for Gamers

How about this for the ultimate in gaming technology?

Gamers know that with all the time we spend chatting online, playing World of Warcraft and hunting down cheat codes, that sometimes we just don't have time to find and woo the opposite sex.

So instead of taking time away from the PC to find someone to have sex with, why not just modify your PC tower into a giant sex toy? You can even have it hold your drink, lube, tissues and dirty magazines. Though we suggest downloading so free porn rather than using the mags.

Love your computer! Well now you can really love your computer!

Don't worry gamer girls, there's a mod for your computers too.

Now even the ladies can have the perfect computer with dildo attachments and all! Just load up some pictures of Brad Pitt or Hideo Kojima.... whatever floats your boat and go to town with your PC tower of loving.

Handles have been added for better control of the unit as well as a remote control with multiple speeds and a handy spot to keep your cellphone. You can even add a anal attachment.


This is the Atari Joystick modified into a vibrator for the ladies. That right!

Underneath that condom is a silver bullet vibrator attachment which has been wired into the joystick.

Best of all, it actually vibrates. Talk about a cool way to play Space Invaders!

I'll never be sad to lose at games again as long as I have a joystick like this. Hell, it gives new meaning to joystick, doesn't it?

And finally for the Star War fans out there, feel like a true Jedi master when your pounding your girlfriend's pussy with a lightsaber light up dildo. That's right, you can modify your kid's lightsaber toy into a wicked sex toy for the wife.

Bring her over to the dark side of the force with the might of your jedi skills. Perfect for role playing. Just buy her the gold Leia bikini to make it even more fun!

You find instructoins to create your own gamer sex toys at


Danny said...

Hahaha.. I guess that was a pretty weird invention, but still pretyy interesting..
Vibrating Toys

Bridget said...

Wow!nice invention..It's so interesting to customize your CPU, putting some pleasure with it.Nice!haha..
Sex Toy Fanatic

Shania Britori said...

Great! invention for the people who want new excitement not only in games.

Anonymous said...

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goooooood girl said...

Well well well......