Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We've Been Published!

Okay, so its not a book deal or anything I actually got paid for, but its still nice to have your work out there.

My story, "The Naughty Tip", has been published in a stripper industry magazine called "Sin". This magazine is published out in Winnipeg by a Feature Entertainer I met at the Miss Nude Canada Pageant back in December.

It's not Esquire, but it will do as starting point.


LustDemon said...

That's awesome! Congrats! :)

ATL LG said... they have a web site...You should post up a link..

I'm at work so the less I click on what I think will hit the filter alert the better ;)

Anonymous said...

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paleprettynpink said...

check out
this pale blonde getting spanked: 'Mandolins Spanking' on

ShaneShock said...

Congrats! As a fellow writer, I trust you're grinning ear to ear.


Anonymous said...

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tinaslut said...

Congrats, this may be the start of an entirely new career :-)

tina from Sweden