Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Take My Picture, Please

I want you to take naughty picture of me.
I’ll do my hair and makeup for you.
Pose any way you want me too.
I’ll wear anything you want me too.
Just take a sexy picture of me for you to masturbate too.

I’ll wear my sexy purple nightie, if you like.
Maybe expose my breast or two.
My fingers will perhaps find their way between my thighs.
And work my little clit for you.
Does this sound nice?

Or perhaps something a little more see-through?
I stand against the wall and stare deeply into your eyes.
I’ll show my hip a little
As my hair blows in the breeze
Like a model in the magazines

I sit in velvet chair with my leg up
Wearing only a corset and some thigh highs
Perhaps I’ll show you a little tit for thrill
And shoot you a “come fuck me” stare
Does this idea get you hard?

I could wear something furry and soft for you
Maybe something with feathers and barely anything else?
I could sit down with my beautiful ass in view
Or should I hide it just a little to tease you?
Does any of this sound perfectly naughty to you?

I could get wild for you
Wear you cowboy hat and a leather thong?
Or maybe I’ll just wear the hat for you
You can imagine how it would feel to ride me bareback
As you snap each picture off.
Or maybe you want to ride me doggy style?

Or perhaps I’ll just put on one of your ties
And a little pair of panties to match
I’ll rub the tie against my nipples
And perhaps even between my wet thighs
So that way you can think of me when you wear it.

So, do you want to take some naughty pictures of me?


raybo said...

Let me take apicture of you in see thru panties so that I can masturbate but let me keep the panties so that I can inhale your sensual female aroma. Kisses Raybo

OB Juan said...

From Calgary - definitely gotta go witht he cowboy hat and leather thong...

....oh, and the riding bareback thing will work too....

:P fuzzbox said...

Of all the lovely things to wear. The best would be nothing but a smile.

Kwon said...


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Wanna live life more than whorizontal? Wanna make love in the realm beyond the clouds? Wanna have me as your servant, bringing baklava and Starbucks in the morning and giving you a backrub in a mansion by the lake forever?? I do, girl. I wanna give you everything in Heaven - the opposite isn't very cool. Miss Gorgeous, we WILL croak!!! Every one of U.S. Our solution? Just wait. Life AIN’T forever, toots. God hears the longings of thy heart. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

Anonymous said...

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