Monday, November 10, 2008

The Training Session


Sonia lay shaking on the floor, tears rolling down her cheeks, soaking into the Persian carpet beneath her. Her new gold collar was cold around her neck, and Sonia wanted nothing more than to remove it. Its coldness stung her flesh like a terrible warning of the treatment ahead of her. Sitting up, Sonia grasped the chain from her collar and tugged hard in a futile attempt to free herself from her bond. But no matter how hard she pulled, the chain continued to hold strong to the wall.
Sonia had been brought here, because her father had failed to pay for his last drug shipment and his business partner, David had decided he was no longer patient enough to wait for the money. Instead of killing her father, which would provide him with no real financial gain, he decided to sell Sonia to an underground slave trader to recover his lost funds. He told her that she would be trained as a sex slave by her new owners, and once ready, she would be sold off in an auction to the highest bidder. She would spend the rest of her life making up for her father’s mistakes.
Sonia could hear movement down the hallway and she dropped her chain and wiped the tears from her face. The footsteps stopped outside her door, and she could hear the mumbled words of a man talking to the guard outside. Could this be the start of her so-called training session? Sonia sat back down on the floor in a fetal position as to cover her body in shame. The previous men had left her in only her red lace bra and underwear. The door unlocked and two young men stepped into the room. Both were average height, blond-haired and blue eyed, but the first seemed a little heavier than the other. He was the first to speak. Bending down, he ran his hands along Sonia’s face, “David was right; she is a pretty little thing.”
Sonia slapped his hand away, “Don’t touch me, you pervert!”
He laughed, grabbing her hand. “She’s got fire in her too. Don’t worry; we’ll change that.”
Sonia’s eyes grew wide. Were these the men that were going to train her as a slave? Sonia wished she hadn’t smacked him.
“From this point on, you will refer to us as Master. I am Master Dean and this gentleman behind me is Master Mark. You will do as we say, when we say it, or you will be punished.” Walking behind Sonia, he unchained her collar from the wall and walked back beside her. “Follow me to the bed on your hands and knees.”
Sonia tried not to cry. She crawled to the bed as she was told. She didn’t want to give her new Masters any reason to punish her, not unless it was absolutely necessary. Stopping at the side of the bed, Dean reattached Sonia’s chain to the headboard, and then pulled a small riding crop from a cabinet on the wall.
“The task is simple today,” Dean stated. “You are to service us to the best of your abilities and then from there, we can determine what we need to work with you on.”
Mark positioned himself behind Sonia, “Do as you’re told, and we’ll reward you.”
Dean suddenly cracked the whip across the bed post, causing Sonia to jump. “Don’t do as you’re told, and we’ll punish you. Get the point?”
Sonia looked at the floor. “Yes,” she whimpered.
Dean bent down, lifting Sonia’s chin with his whip. “Yes, what?”
Sonia looked him in the eyes. “Yes, Master.”
The words seemed to get caught in her throat as she forced them out.
“Good. Let’s begin.”
Both men proceeded to unbutton their collared shirts, while Sonia remained positioned on the floor like a dog. Never had she felt so humiliated; however Sonia knew that things were about to get a lot worse.
Dean tossed his shirt aside. “Slave, I want you to blow me. I want you to get up on your knees, pull my cock out of my pants, and give me the best blow job you can.”
Mark knelt down beside Sonia, and gripping her hair yanked her head back. He moved his hand along her face, touching every inch of her. “Such a pretty face. It would be such a shame to damage it. So why don’t you do as Master Dean asked?!”
He released her hair and pushed her onto the floor. “Now, get up and service him. Don’t get any ideas about biting him, or I’ll do more than pull your hair.”
Sonia sat up on her knees and stared at the lump in Dean’s tan dress pants. Could she really do this? Could she really suck the cock of a complete stranger?
Slowly she undid his pants, and pulled out Dean’s cock. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably. His cock was huge; much bigger than anything she had ever seen before. The mere size of it frightened her. How could she ever get that into her mouth?
A musky scent arose from his open pants. Sonia stuck her tongue out and touched it the end of Dean’s cock. A taste like smoked meat invaded her mouth, making her gag.
Dean, placing his hand on the back of her head, pulled her in closer. “Don’t lick it, Slave; suck it. Put it in your mouth and suck it.”
Sonia parted her lips and slowly lowered her mouth over Dean’s cock. The shaft felt greasy on her tongue and again Sonia had to fight gagging. She began to move her mouth up and down; her tongue rolling around the tip as she came up. Dean let out a low moan, “Oh, good Slave.” He grabbed her hand and led it up towards his balls, “Now, alternate playing with my balls and my cock.”
Sonia carefully cupped Dean’s balls and massaged them, much to his delight.
“Now, my cock,” ordered Dean. Sonia moved her hand up to stroke Dean’s cock as she continued to move her wet mouth up and down it.
Dean moaned even louder now, and stroked the back of Sonia’s head. “God, how I love a good blow job.”
Out of the corner of Sonia’s eye, she could now see Mark had pulled his cock out and was stroking it.
Mark placed his hand on Sonia’s shoulder, still stroking away. “Slave, I need some attention too. Stroke my cock with your other hand.” Mark led Sonia’s free hand up to his waiting cock, and began to move it up and down at a speed of his liking.
After a few moments of proceeding like this, Sonia could feel Dean’s cock beginning to tighten, as if he were ready to blow at any minute. She dreaded the thought of him cumming in her mouth. She was sure to puke then.
Mark, gently pulling Sonia’s face away from Dean, lowered her head unto his cock. “Slave, I think it’s my turn.”
Dean sat down on the bed, and watched as Sonia continued to pleasure Mark. “I still don’t think she’s putting her best effort in yet.” Dean slapped the small riding crop hard against Sonia’s ass and smirked as she winced from the pain. “Come on, Slave. Lick his balls.” Sonia stopped sucking Mark’s cock and taking a deep breath, began lapping at his balls. She teased them ever so slightly as Mark gripped her hair, pulling just enough so it hurt. Sonia closed her eyes, as she held back another wave of tears. She felt that if she cried, the punishment could be worse.
Dean tapped Mark’s shoulder with the whip, “Okay, enough or you’ll blow your load too quickly.”
Sonia pulled away, wiping her mouth. The two men tucked their dicks back into their pants, and stood on either side of Sonia.
“Slave, on the bed.” Sonia crawled up onto the bed, the cold chain moving along her back as she crawled towards the middle. Sonia sat and watched as Dean walked over to a chest at the end of the bed and removed something from it. Dean tossed it on the bed next to Sonia, who could now see that it was a small blue vibrator. “Spread your legs for me.”
Sonia cringed inside. What were they going to do to her now? Leaning back on her hands, she spread her legs to reveal that she had been sweating so much that her panties had gotten wet.
“Someone’s enjoying all of this. Most first timers need to be whipped into shape before they’ll suck cock, but you seem to be a natural at this,” Mark laughed.
“You, pigs! You think I enjoy this!” Sonia suddenly screamed.
Both men climbed onto the bed, positioning themselves behind and in front of Sonia and quickly gripped her arms and legs to hold her down.
“That wasn’t very nice. I thought you were enjoying your lesson, but I guess we need to better make you understand that you are not to speak unless we ask you to. We are the Masters here.” Dean, holding both Sonia’s arms with his one hand, slapped his crop across Sonia’s pussy multiple times and watched as she cried out in pain.
“Please stop. I’ll be good. Please,” Sonia cried, as tears streamed down her face.
“Please, what?” Dean raised the crop behind his head.
“Please, Master. I’ll behave.”
“That’s better.” Dean smiled.
The two men released their grip on Sonia’s limbs. “Now, get undressed,” barked Mark.
Sonia unclipped her bra and placed it beside her. Mark quickly snapped it up and threw it across the room. “Sorry, but you won’t be wearing these ever again. Clothes are only allowed for slaves that behave.”
Sonia bowed her head as she wiped her tears away and slipped off her panties. Watching as Mark threw those away too, she now felt completely vulnerable and at the complete mercy of these two men. She pulled her legs up towards her chest and looked towards the wall.
“Did I tell you to cover up? Spread your legs, Slave!” Dean cracked his whip against the bed post and Sonia quickly parted her legs again, positioning her hands on either side of her body.
“That’s much better.” Mark dipped his hand between her legs and began to softly rub Sonia’s clit. “My god, are you ever wet. How could you not be enjoying this?”
Dean came in from behind Sonia and began to caress her breasts, massaging them. “Have you ever had two men pleasure you at once, Slave?”
Sonia tensed up, “No, I haven’t.” The feel of two men’s hands on her body made Sonia uncomfortable and yet, at the same time, they started to feel really good.
Sonia felt mixed feelings of pleasure and shame pulse through her body.
Mark teased Sonia’s clit with his tongue, lapping it up and down, causing her to really get wet. Meanwhile, Dean’s fingers rolled and pinched Sonia’s nipples, as he held her back against his chest.
“See slavery isn’t all about being the giver. In our industry some clients want to dominate you by making you service them and some want to dominate you by making you cum as many times as they want you too. Basically slavery is about not having any control over what you are made to do.”
Mark lifted his head up and returned to rubbing Sonia’s swollen clit, “See I want you to moan for me. Show me that you like it, Slave.”
Sonia held her tongue; she couldn’t give in. She couldn’t let herself enjoy this.
Mark pushed his two fingers inside Sonia’s pussy and began to thrust in and out of her. “You can’t fight this.”
Dean leaned over Sonia’s shoulder and softly sucked on her left nipple, still teasing the right with his fingers.
Sonia bit into her lip, hoping the pain would dull the feeling, but somehow it still turned her on. Her body shook and tingled all over. She couldn’t help but buck against Mark’s fingers; the pleasure these men were giving her was incredible.
“See I knew she liked it,” Mark told Dean. “But you’re still not telling me what I want to hear,” he said to Sonia. Mark pulled his fingers out and motioned to Dean to stop as well. “Maybe if we stop, you’ll play along better.”
Sonia lay panting; her body covered in sweat, and her pussy still longing for their touch. “I…,” she swallowed hard, “I want this.” Did that just come out of my mouth?, She thought.
“Not good enough.” Mark began to stroke Sonia’s pussy again. “Tell me you want my fingers in your pussy, Slave.”
Sonia looked up at Dean. His cock pulsed against her back, as if lying in wait for its turn to play. She looked back at Mark, and in her tiniest voice, squeaked, “I want your fingers in my pussy. Please, Master.”
“Say I want you to finger fuck me hard,” he ran his fingers down her wet pussy lips. “Say it!”
Dean reached down and pinched Sonia’s nipples.
“I want you to finger fuck me hard, Master.” Sonia closed her eyes.
“Good girl.” Mark reached beside him and picked up the small vibrator. Dean released Sonia’s breasts and placed his hands between her thighs.
Sonia opened her eyes the moment she heard the small device start to buzz. She had never used a vibrator before and was a little taken aback by the object.
Mark ran it gently over her nipples and down her stomach to her clit. The feeling was startling at first and it made Sonia squirm.
“Just relax. It won’t bite.” Dean rubbed his hands over Sonia’s legs.
Mark continued to hold the vibrator to Sonia’s clit, and watch as she shook every few seconds from this new feeling she was experiencing.
At first it hurt like little bees stinging, and though Sonia tried to move away from it, Dean held her place forcing her to endure it. Soon though, it changed from a stinging to a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her mouth began to water as if her body was hungry for more. Sonia couldn’t help but moan slightly in delight to the new feeling this little toy was causing.
Mark tossed the vibrator off to the side, and he returned to fingering Sonia’s pussy. Her body began to sweat and quiver from the two, and soon her wet pussy was tightening around Mark’s fingers.
“I think she likes it. I can feel her pussy getting tighter.” Mark smirked.
Sonia closed her eyes as the pleasure finally climaxed and her whole body shook with delight. The orgasm made her feel as if her body had betrayed her to these men. Though her mind still said no, her body was screaming yes.
“There’s the little slut we were looking for. I knew she was in there somewhere; she just needed a reason to come out.” Mark slipped his cock out of his pants, and began to stroke it. This frightened Sonia and she tried to move away from him but Dean held her in place. Mark removed his fingers and teased Sonia’s clit with his cock.
“Are you ready for this?” He slapped his cock against her. “Because I’m ready for you.”
Sonia shook her head in fear, “No, please.”
Dean yanked on Sonia’s hair, pulling her head back to meet his gaze. “Just let it happen, or I swear I’ll fucking beat your ass red.”
Sonia wanted to be sick. Since the very beginning of this, she hadn’t wanted to give in to them, but the thought of his hard cock inside her was starting to sound really good. She wanted so badly just to let them fuck her till she passed out.
Dean released her hair and started to stroke her face, “Now, Ask Master Mark nicely to please fuck you.”
Sonia nodded. Looking back at the waiting Mark, she swallowed hard. “Please Master Mark, I want you to fuck me,” She said slowly.
“You’re such a good little girl, aren’t you?”
With that comment, Mark slipped his cock into Sonia, while Dean continued to hold her. At first, Sonia felt the urge to move away, as it felt as it someone was completely ripping out her insides, but just as she tried to move away, Dean gripped her breasts, and she knew that there was nowhere to go.
Sonia tried to relax as Mark continued to move his cock back and forth inside her. She leaned back into Dean’s arms as she focused on the pleasure rather than the pain of the situation. She focused on tingles from her nipples as Dean licked at them and she focused on the tingles from her pussy as Mark’s cock moved in her. The more she focused, the more she enjoyed it. The feeling of two men licking her, rubbing her, paying attention to her every need, was so incredible that she wondered why she had never done it before.
Mark groaned aloud on top of Sonia, as he pulled his cock out and began to stroke it further into climax.
Dean lifted Sonia up from the bed. “Be there to catch it for him, Slave. A Master’s seed should never hit the ground.”
Sonia found herself willingly opening her mouth to him. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to gobble it up. Mark let out one last moan as his hot cum shot forth and into Sonia’s mouth. Sonia closed her eyes as the last drops hit her tongue and she swallowed. She held Mark’s cock in her fist and moved onto her knees to lap up the remaining droplets of come.
Dean gripped Sonia’s ass as he pushed her down into dog position, “Look, at this perfect little ass! If I wasn’t so keen on trying that pussy, I’d fuck you in the ass, Slave.” He chuckled as he slapped her ass.
Sonia was relieved to hear her virgin ass would remain that way, but she found herself impatiently waiting the feeling of Dean’s cock inside her. Though this had begun as an unwanted event, Sonia now felt as if she would burst if she didn’t get to fuck again.
Dean took his cock in his hand and rubbed the tip of it against Sonia’s wet, little pussy. “Do you want this now, Slave? I’ll give it to you but you have to ask for it nicely.”
Sonia grasped her gold chain with one hand and playfully pushed her ass against Dean’s cock. “Please Master can I have your cock inside me?” she cooed.
Mark looked at Dean with surprise, “Didn’t take much for her to come out of her shell, did it?”
“Oh, but her training isn’t over yet, and who knows how she’ll take this new life,” Dean stated, still rubbing his cock over Sonia’s waiting pussy.
As Sonia suddenly remembered the horrible situation as it really was, Dean finally slipped his cock into her wet slit. The pleasure quickly erased her mind. Feeling him plowing into her warm pussy from behind sent shockwaves through her body and Sonia wanted to forget all that ever was. Something about the way he gripped her thighs as he moved his throbbing cock in and out, was almost too much for her body to contain. Her mind went numb and her entire body shook as she came harder than before.
Sonia’s pussy tightened around Dean’s cock, which brought him to the brink of coming. Dean, quickly pulling out, shot forth his hot, creamy cum onto Sonia’s back and then collapsed on the bed beside her. Sonia dropped down onto her stomach and let out a low tired moan; her body, moist and quivering, had turned her over to these men and Sonia knew now that everything from this point on would be different, because now she felt different about everything that lay before her.


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