Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sex in a Motel Room

This Story is a Work in Progress. Please leave me your comments as I need some feed back to help me finish it. Thanks.

The rain was pouring down heavy as I jumped out of my old ’86 Chevette, and ran around to open the passenger side door for Jane. As I opened the door, Jane stepped slowly out of my car as she looked towards the rundown motel. She seemed unsure about staying here with me tonight, but considering the circumstances, this was the safest place for her. We had driven through the blacken streets trying to escape the men that pursued us - that pursued her. I wished that there was a better place for us to stay for the night, but I really hadn’t planned for this.
My name is Logan Fields. I’m a bodyguard for hire. I spent three years in the US Army, before being dishonorably discharged for a crime I didn’t commit. I don’t like to talk about it; it’s something I can’t change so I don’t dwell on it. Soon afterwards I set up my protection agency, because I figured my skills had to be worth something to someone out there.
One week ago I was hired as a personal bodyguard for Miss Jane Winston. I was to protect her until she had made her court appearance as a witness in a murder case. Unfortunately for Jane, she accidentally walked into her country club’s kitchen during a party one night, and fell witness to the murder of the governor’s nephew. Apparently, he had failed to pay back all the drug money he owed to the local cartel and they had decided to collect it in his blood instead. Although unseen at the time, it didn’t take long for the thugs to figure out who Jane was and what she had witnessed. They had tried to take her out with a car bomb, but fortunately for her, Jane always used valet services. Not so fortunate for the valet that started her car, though. It was after that incident that Jane’s father decided to hire me. He could have called in a more professional protection agency, but Mr. Winston wanted a man who knew the mean streets and knew what he was up against.
I had spent the week living at the Winston Mansion, watching Jane’s every move. She was a stereotypical rich girl; she spent hours shopping in the finest stores, being pampered at the finest spas and attending the best parties. She didn’t appreciate me as her new shadow and even tried to ditch me a couple of times. I always caught up with her though and lectured her afterwards. I almost called it quits, not caring to protect her if she didn’t care, but the money was too good and somehow I didn’t think she understood how much danger she was in. Even with the car bomb, she was more concerned about the loss of her new Lexus than the fact that she could have died. But following tonight’s event, I think she understood now more than ever.
Early I had escorted Jane to another one of her rich friend’s parties in a downtown club, and after hooking up with a young man at the party, she tried to give me the slip again. This time, though I found her pinned against the alley wall with a knife held to her throat. The young man turned out to be a member of the cartel sent to silence Jane for good this time. I managed to throw the thug off her, but several of his friends decided to show up as I finished punching his lights out. I grabbed her hand and we raced off down the alley towards my car, as I knew I couldn’t handle so many of them. They pursued, but I soon lost them on the one-way streets. I decided to take off towards my place until it was safe to contact her father. That’s how we found ourselves standing outside my motel room, drenched from the rain, and scared of what might happen next.
As I unlocked my door, my stomach turned at the thought of another person seeing my room. It hadn’t been cleaned in months and I dreaded the comments that would come from Jane once she saw it. There were empty bottles of Jack Daniels in every corner and several full ashtrays on practically every flat surface. A few scattered pizza boxes littered the floor and my dirty clothes covered the rest. I pulled the keys from the lock and invited Jane in, “Please don’t mind the mess. I wasn’t expecting any guests.”
Jane looked around the room. She was soaked to the bone, and white as a ghost. She stood there in the doorway shaking, possibly from the cold, but more likely scared from her encounter. I wrapped my arm around her in an attempt to comfort her, but she pulled away and walked further into my room. Closing the door, I locked several bolts and chains for security. “I think I need to sit down,” Jane mumbled.
“Oh, let me move some stuff for you.” I quickly moved past Jane, as I tried to remove some of the clutter from the couch and the bed. I didn’t make the place much better, but at least she could sit down without my dirty underwear in the way. I escorted her gently over to the couch, and as she sat down I noticed the swelling around her right eye. “Jane, did he hit you?” I ran my fingers along the side of her face.
Jane looked into my eyes and suddenly burst into tears. “I can’t do this, Logan. I can’t spend the rest of my life running from these men, always looking over my shoulder. I tried to ignore it, hoping they would just go away, perhaps forget about me, but they’re never going to go away. They won’t stop till I’m dead.”
I knelt down in front of her. “Jane, I promise I will protect you to the very end of this, but you have to stop running away from me, from your problems. This isn’t a bad dream; these men are real, and if you don’t start letting me protect you, they will find you and they will kill you. Please let me protect you.”
Jane wrapped her arms around me and snuggled her face into my neck. When I first took this job, I could’ve cared less about this girl, but now I found myself deeply afraid that I may lose her. As her hot breath hit my neck, I could feel my heart break at the thought of what may happen if I didn’t protect her. She was a scared little girl and she needed me. I needed to be strong for her.
Jane pulled back and looked again into my eyes. Her wavy blond hair was tangled from the rain and her makeup smeared from my clothes. I pulled her arms away and walked towards the bathroom. “Let me get you a towel to dry off with. Don’t want to catch a cold.”
I returned with a couple of clean towels and handed one off to Jane. I watched as she ran the towel across her face and chest, wiping the water droplets from her skin. Her skin was so perfect looking as she dabbed the towel across her ample cleavage. I could feel my cock stir in my pants as I imagined running my tongue down her chest, lapping up the beads of water. God, what was I thinking? I ran my towel across my damp brown hair furiously, turning now to face the wall. I was getting way too turned on by this, and needed to focus on the problems at hand. If the cartel’s resources were vast, they may be able to track us down tonight, and I needed to be ready. Suddenly I heard Jane stand up and I turned to see if she needed anything. “Is something wrong? Do you need something?”
Her black dress dripped water onto my floor as she stood there drying her hair. “Some dry clothes, perhaps just a t-shirt to change into.” She looked down at her rain soaked attire.
My cock pulsated at the thought of Jane in just a t-shirt. I didn’t really trust myself to behave in such a situation, but she did need to change out off those wet clothes as did I, and I figured I’d just had to control myself. “Yes, I’m sure I have some clean clothes around here.”
Draping the wet towel around my neck, I walked towards my closet and pulled out a clean pair of pants and a shirt for myself and a long dress shirt for Jane. As I turned around to hand off the shirt to Jane, I discovered that she had stripped down out of her wet dress and stood there in only her undergarments. She had on a little black lace bra with matching panties, and a pair of black thigh highs, held up by a garter belt. The garments seemed to just hold in the delicate curves of her body and I could feel butterflies emerge in my stomach as my eyes traced the lines of her bra towards the middle of her silky white breasts. How could I keep thinking this way? I turned my head back towards the wall. “Oh, I didn’t mean to look….”
Jane walked towards me and took the shirt from my hand. “That’s okay. I don’t mind.”
Her hand was soft as it touched mine, and I wondered if the rest of her body was as soft. I couldn’t help but look her over as she stood there, pulling my shirt on. I could still see the dark shadows of her bra and underwear lightly hidden under my white shirt. I pulled the towel from my neck and continued to dry off. My clothes were completely soaked through, and I needed to change all my clothes. I started towards the bathroom to change into my dry clothes and Jane followed. “Where are you going?” she asked with a sense of abandonment in her voice.
I held her gaze. “I’m just going into the bathroom to change. I’ll be right back.”
Jane grabbed my hand as I turned towards the bathroom again. “Please don’t. I don’t want to be alone for a second. Please.”
Her eyes seemed to hypnotize me into wanting to stay. I still was amazed by irony of her request. First she didn’t want me around, and now she couldn’t live without my presence in the room. Isn’t it funny how things can change so quickly? I held her hands in mine. “Fine, I’ll change out here, but you have to turn around. I need to take off everything.”
Jane smiled. “Thank you.”
“No problem, but I need you to turn around now.”
I pushed her gently towards the couch. She turned her body to face the wall and crossed her arms in protest. “Fine, I promise I won’t look.”
I grabbed my dry clothes and dropped them on the bed. I removed my wet, probably ruined tie and threw it into a corner of the room. I had decided not to even try to salvage it. Unbuttoning my shirt slowly, I suddenly felt Jane behind me as she grasped the folds of my shirt. She gently moved my shirt off my shoulders for me and grasped it tighter as she snuggled into my back. The butterflies had returned to my stomach.
“I thought I told you not to look.”
Before I could turn around, and speak, Jane silenced me with her tiny finger. She continued to remove my shirt down off my arms and onto the floor. She stared into my eyes, as she ran her delicate fingers along my chest. “Logan, I want you to hold me tonight. I need to feel safe in your arms.”
Jane’s blue eyes seemed to draw me in as she pleaded with me. She was scared and confused, desperate for something to cling to. I knew deep down it was wrong to give into her request, but something in me couldn’t say no. I reached down, griping her ass in my hands and lifted her to meet my mouth in a lustful kiss. Her lips were sweet like candy and I wanted more. I carried Jane over towards the bed as she wrapped her body around mine. Her legs brushed my sides and all I could think about was how wonderful it was to be between them. The smoothness of them was driving me wild, and I couldn’t wait to tear the rest of Jane’s clothes off.
I leaned forward over the bed and Jane released her hold on me, dropping to the bed. Her white, silky skin seemed to glow against my black bed sheets, turning her into a delicate angel. She leaned back on the bed; her stocking feet now against my chest. I softy ran my fingers along the length of Jane’s leg, feeling the softness of the stocking material. “God, how I love thigh-highs. I love how they enhance the look of a woman’s legs, and I especially love how they frame a women’s pussy. Almost like two arrows pointing to the best part,” I said.
Jane smiled. “Do you now? Well, aren’t you the dirty boy.”
“I’m just stating the truth.”
Jane pulled her feet away and positioned herself on her knees in front of me. “Well, tell me what else you like.” Jane cooed, as her lips drew closer to mine.
I met her lips and kissed her hard, drinking in her fresh rain drop smell. I ran my fingers through her wet, blond locks, hoping that the world would just go away for tonight. It had been a long time since something this wonderful had come my way and I wanted nothing to interrupt it.
“Jane, are you sure about this? I mean, this isn’t just because you’re scared, is it, because I…
Jane interrupted me, but I heard nothing. All I saw was the moving of her sweet, pink lips and that was enough to convince me. I reached down around her back and fumbled with the clasp on her bra. My fingers were large and thick, and this caused me to always have problems manipulating small things.
The expression on my face must have tipped Jane off to my problem, and she reached behind her to unclasp the bra herself. I slowly moved the bra straps down off her shoulders to expose her perfect, pink breasts. Her nipples were hard, maybe from the cold or maybe from me; either way they were amazing. Perfectly tiny and round, they moved with each breath Jane took. My cock pushed against the fabric of my wet pants, as I watched them move up and down.
Jane took my hands in hers and moved them onto her chest. Her breasts were cold and moist still from the rain, and I yearned to warm them with my mouth.
Jane held my hands tight against her, as she pulled me onto the bed.



:P fuzzbox said...

Looks good so far. I am just wondering what kind of ending are you going to put in it. A classic ending, a Hitchcock ending, or since I am somewhat twisted my favorite the Tarentino ending. Not to be nitpicky but if you want him to sound tough, when he is explaining his mess have him say, Excuse the mess but I shot the maid. Might sound to smartassy though.

exley said...

The sex part is good, especially since it's the main focus. But if you want some advice on the actual writing: don't use so many independent clauses. In many of those cases a comma or another sentence is more appropriate. Don't open the first two lines with "The rain..." The second line should begin differently. If the girl always used valet services, wouldn't the thugs have known this before planting a car bomb? They would have done some research before planting such an intricate device. Hope this helps.

Saraphina Star said...

Hi Tina,
You don't know me but I have been a fan of your Blog for a while now. I just thought I would let you know that I have placed a link to your Blog on my Web site. Check it out: --->
You can place the banner at the bottom of the page on your blog if you would like but not necessary. You can also create one of your own or have one custom made. Let me know what you think! I love your blog! Keep Writing!!

Anonymous said...

This story is fantastic it made me come and orgasm it was great please finish it off soon, all your stories are great keep up the good work ;)

JESSICA said...

hi this was really awesome i love the story line but please finish soon, i cant wait to hear how you end it...

Lilly said...

hey i love this story but i was thinking have you ever thought about instead of your other stories when you makie the next installment lengthining the story out since its such a great story line, maybe you should make a story about there relationship maybe more than just the sex. I know this probably sounds stupid but its a really awesome story line i mean belive me the sex sounds great but lengthen it out more unlike ur other stories....well just a suggestion..
always lilly xxoo

Tall Dark & Handsome said...

It is cruel to leave us all hanging like this you've def got me hooked!

Anonymous said...

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