Monday, November 03, 2008

Can I play with it now?

Can I play with it now?
I want to play with your cock.
To run my fingers along its shaft and stroke it playfully till it’s hard.
I want to massage your perfect balls, feeling the softness of it against my skin.
To tickle it with my tongue and feel you shiver with each wet lap.
I’ll run my lips gently along its shaft, along every ripple till I reach the head.
I would love to trace the rim of your cock’s head with the tip of my tongue.
I want to watch it grow harder with every touch of my body.
I really want to push myself to the limit as I try to deep throat your cock for the first time.
To feel the tip of it against the back of my throat.
I want to make you come hard into my mouth.
So you can watch me shallow every last drop.
Please can I play with it now?


Spirit said...

Hmmmmm ....very very erotic ...felt as if I was there ...

Tara Tainton said...

I love this little piece! I think the shortest amount of words can convey the strongest feelings. And you capture that playful sense so well! I know just the feeling you're writing about. ;)


Camilla said...

Thanks for that wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

thanks dearie you made my day

the bare frame said...

goodness. how could any man say no?

Anonymous said...

my fantasy.
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