Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pleasure Under Foot

I love my stilettos. At first I was scared of them. The thought of dancing around the stage with them on frightened me. I had tried to wear a friend’s pair once and I felt like I was going to fall the whole time. I couldn’t wait to get them off and get into my flat shoes.
A year later, I was finally forced to wear them. My new club had a strict rule when it came to dancer’s outfits and I had to wear them as part of the rules. I went out before work the next day and bought my first pair. They were a white pair of knee high boots with a stiletto heel. I hated them. I couldn’t walk in them, let alone dance. I couldn’t stop falling in them for the first week.
After a couple of weeks, I realized the boots weren’t matching my outfits anyway and so I had to go out and buy other pairs that did match. I bought two pairs of open toed stiletto heels; one white and one black. These ones were more comfortable, but it wasn’t till I noticed my feet in the mirror on stage that I began to love them. My feet looked sexy in them. The lights on the stairs behind me made me think of a Broadway dancer in a Las Vegas show. I felt feminine in these heels and I never danced the same after that. My movements were sexy and graceful now, and my confidence was huge.
I bought more pairs after that, another pair of black ones with straps that tied up around my leg like a ballerina and a pair made of clear plastic. I love my heels and how they made me feel in them. I was taller and more dominate. I love it.
The last pair of heels I bought was a pair of black knee high boots that laced up tight in the front. These were my favorite of all the heels I had bought up to this point. These heels reminded me of what a dominatrix would wear, and when I wore them, I felt a new power over men.
At this point I loved my heels but it was a customer who showed me how much fun I could really have in them. Taking me in the VIP for a dance, and the customer asked to worship my black heels. I was unsure at first, but agreed to it out of curiosity. He sat the whole time worshiping my heels, licking them up and down the laces. He sucked on the stiletto heel like it was a hard cock. He cleaned them with his tongue and massaged them with his hands. He asked me to step on his chest with my heels, to grind them into his nipples till he screamed out in pain. I did so willingly. I loved to watch him under my feet, to know that my heels brought him such pleasure.


Tina said...

I really love my heels

:P fuzzbox said...

They say that clothes make the man. Maybe shoes make the woman. And stilletto heels makes the sexiest woman of all.

Chuckie said...

i love seeing my katie naked in a pair of high heals! nice post.

I will turn her on to your site. thanks.

Sheen V said...

Yes, I do love to see heels on a woman, especially if she's wearing hosiery!

Crazy Dan said...
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Crazy Dan said...

My nipples are scared of you!

Anonymous said...

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