Friday, November 07, 2008

The Private Dance


The music changes as I enter the VIP room with my customer in tow. The songs are softer back here; easier to dance to. I guide him over to my favorite booth and place my purse on the small tile top table in the corner.
“Welcome to my Office.”
He smiles. “That’s cute.”
I direct him to the multi-coloured loveseat. He sits down, leaning his back against the side of it.
“Actually, I need you to sit in the middle.” I smile. “I require some leg space to work.”
“Oh, sorry.” He shifts his body into the center of the couch.
I drop my pussy towel onto his lap, and he shoots me that confused look as every man does. “The towel is for protection, so I don’t leave any wet spots on your lap.”
I lie. It’s really so he doesn’t leave any wet spots on my ass, but he doesn’t need to know that.
As a new song begins over the backroom speakers, I softly straddle his lap and wrap my arms around his neck, gazing deeply into his deep blue eyes.
“What are the rules here?” he asks, while starting to rub my legs.
They always touch before I tell them. How bold of them to assume that I’ll let them touch me anyway. I start to play with his short locks of brown hair. “Well there are three simple rules to follow back here. One: You can touch anything you like, except my pussy. Two: You can only touch with your hands. And three: Everything on your gorgeous body has to remain under your clothes. Okay?”
“I think I can follow those.”
I grind my hips with the beat of the music. “Good.”
Still moving my fingers through his hair, I focus on the music. It’s “Porno Mouth” by Holly McNarland.
“I love this song.” He groans. “Reminds me of sex.”
“Kinky.” I slowly push the straps of my black dress down over my shoulders. “Why sex? Other than the obvious name of the song, ‘Porno Mouth.’”
“Because of the way she builds the song up; her voice becomes stronger and stronger. It’s like an orgasm.”
I remove the straps from my arms. “I can see that.”
His eyes move to my chest as I expose my breasts. Their small but impressive none the less. I don’t need big breasts to impress my customers.
“So, I can touch those?”
I move his hands to my breasts and force his fingers to massage them. “Yes, you can.”
He continues to mimic my hands and I groan softly.
“You are good at this, aren’t you?”
“You make it easy. I could massage your body for hours.”
“Good. Then move to this.” I balance my left leg on the left arm of the couch, and then, leaning over the back of the couch, I pull my ass up towards his face. He lifts my dress up to reveal my black g-string, sitting nestled between my ass cheeks.
“Lovely.” His voice is like warm chocolate.
He grips my ass cheeks and massages them up and down. His hands are like magic as I grip the back of the couch.
“Spank me!” I ask forcefully.
“What?” He is startled by my request.
I turn and rub my hand gently across the exposed ass cheek that sits before his face. “I said, spank me.”
I crack my hand across my ass and the sound echoes through the room.
“Doesn’t that hurt?” He rubs his hand over my ass once more.
“Only if you do it right.” I shoot him a wicked smile.
“Like this.” He raises his hand and quickly brings it down onto my ass, creating another echo affect.
I wince in pain, but it’s a good wince. “Just like that.”
I slide back down into his lap and cup his face in my hands. ‘The things I could do to you.”
I lift myself off his lap and turn to face the wall.
“Tell me.” He leans forward in his seat.
I bend over and look at him through my legs. “But that would ruin the surprise.”
I grin and stand back up.
Standing with my legs together, I grip the sides of my dress and pull it down seductively. I move it all the way down my legs till I stop at my ankles. My body is completely bent over. I leave my dress at my feet and move my hands all the way back up my legs.
He stares with desire in his eyes, as I toss the dress off my feet and out of the way.
“Let me see your pussy.”
I turn around and lean my back against the wall of the booth. “Demanding, aren’t you?”
“I’m paying for this, aren’t I? So I want to see your pussy.”
Keeping my back against the wall, I remove my g-string and crouch down with my legs spread for him.
He leans back into the couch, and tosses my towel from his lap. He watches me intensely as he rubs his cock through his dress pants.
“Now, play with it for me. I want to see you get wet.”
I move my fingers between the folds of my pussy and stroke my clit softly. “You like to watch, don’t you?”
He motions me towards him. “Bring that ass closer.”
I stand up and position myself between his legs.
“No. I want you to put your pussy right in front of my face, so I can smell your juices.”
His words make me hot. He speaks so dirty to me that it makes me wet.
He helps me up onto the couch, my legs on either side on his body. My pussy is only inches away from his face.
He reaches up and grips my ass cheeks. His fingers kneed each cheek like dough as he stares deeply into my pussy.
He smiles. “Your pussy smells like sex. I like that. It makes me want to eat it.”
I look down at him. “Well, you can’t. Only I get to play with it.”
They always want to lick my pussy, or finger me. They must think I’ll give in to their demands if they offer to pleasure me first. Silly boys.
He looks up at me. “I think I could change your mind.”
I laugh. “Do you, now? I don’t think so.”
He doesn’t even blink. His face dives deep into my pussy; his tongue laps at my clit. I try to pull away, but his hands hold tight against my ass as he pushes my pussy deeper into his mouth. My legs go weak. His tongue feels so incredible that I can no longer resist him. I grip the top of the booth wall to steady myself. My head get dizzier with each tongue lap.
“Perhaps you can change my mind.”
He sucks hard on my swollen clit as my juices run down his chin. I moan softly, hoping no one can hear me. Not that I really care right now.
“God, you taste like honey.” His voice is gravelly.
He pushes two fingers into my wetness and I grip the wall harder. He fucks me with them, and I am all tingling inside.
“Do you like my fingers inside your wet slit?”
I nod as I bite my lip.
“I want to hear you say it, slut!”
He smacks my ass hard.
I cry out. “Yes, I love your fingers inside me.”
He pulls his fingers out of me and runs them under his nose. “You smell like a dirty slut.”
He tastes my juices. “And you taste like one too.”
My pussy aches as I stand there, my juices running down my thighs. I want him to play with me again.
He smacks my ass once again. “Get down and bend over in front of me.”
I slowly step down from the couch. My legs are weak and shaking. I feel so dirty right now.
He stands up. His body towers over my own and I feel dominated.
“Bend over. I want to see your ass.” His voice is powerful now, like a different man stands before me than the one I came in with.
I turn around and bend over with my hands around my ankles. He runs his fingers down between my pussy lips. They slip into my wet folds, penetrating my hole once again. I moan as he enters me. I move against his fingers, fucking them like a cock.
“Impatient, aren’t you? I bet you can’t wait to get fucked by my hard cock, can you?”
He grips the side of my ass and thrusts his fingers faster into me. I feel like I want to explode. My body shivers and I think of how his cock will feel inside. I want to cum so badly with him inside me.
He pulls his fingers out of me and licks them clean. “Time to suck my cock, little girl.”
I stand upright and turn to see him unzip his dress pants.
He slips his cock out of his pants and waves it at me. Its size is incredible. So big I wonder if it will fit inside me.
“On your knees, bitch.” He points to the ground in a commanding manner.
I obey and drop down to my knees. I grip his cock and the smell of it fills me. It smells manly. I suck the shaft of his cock deep into my mouth and he groans above me. I work it in and out of my mouth, and I can feel him harden more.
He places his hands on my head and pushes my mouth further down on him. I work the rest of the shaft with my hand and I can feel his right leg tighten under my other hand. He’s close to coming and I know it.
He grips my hair and pulls my head back. “Enough. Stand up, now.”
He releases me and I stand. He runs his fingers through my hair as he looks my face over. “Now, how am I going to fuck you?”
He reaches down and pinches my right nipple. I wince in pain and bite my lip.
“You need to be fucked like a slut. You need to be fucked from behind like a dirty whore, do you?”
He pinches me harder. “Don’t you?”
He cocks his head to the side.
I nod, defeated. “Fuck me from behind. Fuck my little wet pussy, please.”
I moan the last words.
He releases my nipple. It’s red and swollen. “Bend over and put your hands on your ankles again.”
I do as he says and he stands behind me. He grips my sides and pulls my ass against him. He grinds his cock against me, spreading my juices up and down his shaft.
He pulls back and looks over my ass again. “What a fine piece of ass.”
My body screams all over for his cock. I remain silent, though, and wait patiently as he rubs the tip of his penis up and down the wetness of my folds.
Finally he plunges into my hole and I groan loudly. The sensation is like a wave of pleasure crashing over me.
“Your pussy is so tight. It’s like breaking in a virgin,” he says in a low growl.
He thrusts his cock quickly in and out of my pussy, and I feel like I could burst. His cock feels like it’s going to split me in half, but somehow I continue to take him in. His breathing becomes a low grunt as he quickens his pace. My body shakes now, and I am close to the edge. I move my right hand up to my swollen clit and play with it to increase my pleasure. My pussy tightens and I am tingling all over.
His sweat drips onto my back and I know he is close. I scream out as I cum. Constant waves of pleasure flow over me as my pussy pulsates around his cock.
He feels my orgasm and grips me tighter. “Cum for me, bitch. Scream out. I want to hear how much you love my cock.”
He bangs his cock harder into me. I put my hands to the ground to steady myself. He growls like a tiger above me, and I feel his cock vibrate inside me. He pulls out, his cum spraying in long shots across my back and ass. I love the warmth and wetness of it.
My own juices slowly trickle down my thighs, and my legs are numb. I stand upright and his cum runs down my back between my ass cheeks. He reaches out and massages the wetness into my ass and up onto my back again.
“Do you like my cum all over your ass?”
I turn my head and look into his eyes. “I do. Makes me feel all dirty.”
He spins me around and kisses me deeply. The warmth of his body reminds me I am safe here.
He hugs me and rocks me back and forth. “This was fun. We should role play again sometime.”
I look into the eyes of my lover. “I agree. I like playing at work. It’s so dirty and risky. Imagine if we ever got caught.”
He smiles at me. “Yes, it does make it naughtier, doesn’t it?”
I grab my pussy towel from the floor and quickly clean up my backside.
“So, now we’ve fulfilled my fantasy of fucking a naughty stripper, do you have anything you’d like to try?”
I toss my towel at him playfully. “Oh, I have lots of fantasies for you. Trust me.”


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As always well written and entertaining. Good Job !

Holiday said...


Very well written. You should submit this to Sam Sugar, of Sugar Bank, for weekly inclusion of his erotica collection.

Naiad said...

Very nice, Tina. ;)

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