Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dance

The men in the room grow silent as the seductive sounds of Enigma creep over the club speakers. Their eyes widen as they look toward center stage.
I turn to see what has captivated them and am met with the most sensual display I have ever seen. The dancer lies upon the stage like a tigress awakened from a long night’s sleep. She stretches her arms toward the audience as if to claw at them. She rises on all fours and crawls toward center stage; her movements are forceful and fluid the way a wild cat stalks its prey.
She stops and arches her back, lifts her ass into the air then presses her breasts against the hard floor. Her hands move to her ass as she grips each cheek. She smacks it hard. The sound echoes above the music. Her eyes are full of sex as she looks toward me. I feel a tingle flow through my spine.
She pushes upward with her hands and kneels on the stage with her fingers upon her breasts. She massages them and lets out a low groan as her head falls back. The look of ecstasy is pure upon her face as she basks in the attention.
My nipples harden as I watch her play with her tits. She pulls them toward her mouth and flicks each one with her tongue. Her nipples thicken with each lick and I can’t help but want to jump up there with her.
She releases her tits and crouches on all fours, then spreads her legs for a back view of her pussy.
She arches her back again and pushes her ass high into the air. Her hand appears between her legs as she runs her finger between her moist lips. They slide back and forth and she moans. I want to crawl up behind her and lick her pussy. Her groans call to me to suck and finger her wet mound ‘til she comes in waves.
She rolls onto her back and spreads her legs for all to see. The audience is captivated. She trails her fingers along her legs and down to her pussy. She rubs her pussy lips again and spreads them to reveal her desire. Her juices cover her fingers as she tweaks her clit for the crowd, and I rub my pussy, too.
She tastes the juices on her fingers and I close my eyes. I imagine her tongue against my swollen clit and I’m brought to the edge of orgasm.
I hear the crowd applaud; the song is over. I open my eyes as the dancer picks up her clothes and leaves the stage. My panties are soaked and I am left unfulfilled. Reality hits and I return my thoughts to the customers at my table.


:P fuzzbox said...

That was extremly well written. Job well done!!

James said...

I loved this! It made me want them both... I can't tell you how many times in the past I have lusted for the waitessess/bar tenders in a strip club...


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