Friday, November 14, 2008

A Dirty Little Moment of Passion

His mouth closes over mine and all I can taste is cigarettes and booze.
Still the moment takes me and I wrap my arms around him, as if to say "Take me with you".
His hands work down my body and I can feel my panties fall to the floor.
I try to fumble with his belt, but I am interupted as he lifts me onto the near by table.
Tossing the panties aside, he slips his hand between my thighs and my world begans to spin.
One, two fingers inside and I feel as if I will lose control as my body explodes.
I cry out for his cock and find myself lowering to my knees.
He teases me as first, pulling his cock away.
I steal it from him, and began to suck and lick to his delight.
His dirty words entice me on, but only lead to the moment of his release and then a bad taste in my mouth.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Good Girl Always....

I wrap my arms around his neck
And nuzzle in next to his ear
I whisper the dirty little things I have planned for him
And watch him begin to sweat

Throwing him down onto the couch,
I stare deeply into his eyes
I quickly straddle him
And I can feel his hard cock beneath my thighs

I nibble his ears
And run my fingers through his hair
As I move down onto the floor,
I run my hand along his legs

I unzip his pants
And his cock springs out as if brought suddenly to life
I move my hand over it,
Sliding up and down it ever so gently

He moans
And I grin at the pleasure I give him
I lower my mouth onto him
And I love the taste of his manhood

I drive him wild with my movements
And I watch in delight as he enjoys every moment of it
At last, he releases
And I swallow every last drop

Proud of myself, I smile
And lick him clean.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dance

The men in the room grow silent as the seductive sounds of Enigma creep over the club speakers. Their eyes widen as they look toward center stage.
I turn to see what has captivated them and am met with the most sensual display I have ever seen. The dancer lies upon the stage like a tigress awakened from a long night’s sleep. She stretches her arms toward the audience as if to claw at them. She rises on all fours and crawls toward center stage; her movements are forceful and fluid the way a wild cat stalks its prey.
She stops and arches her back, lifts her ass into the air then presses her breasts against the hard floor. Her hands move to her ass as she grips each cheek. She smacks it hard. The sound echoes above the music. Her eyes are full of sex as she looks toward me. I feel a tingle flow through my spine.
She pushes upward with her hands and kneels on the stage with her fingers upon her breasts. She massages them and lets out a low groan as her head falls back. The look of ecstasy is pure upon her face as she basks in the attention.
My nipples harden as I watch her play with her tits. She pulls them toward her mouth and flicks each one with her tongue. Her nipples thicken with each lick and I can’t help but want to jump up there with her.
She releases her tits and crouches on all fours, then spreads her legs for a back view of her pussy.
She arches her back again and pushes her ass high into the air. Her hand appears between her legs as she runs her finger between her moist lips. They slide back and forth and she moans. I want to crawl up behind her and lick her pussy. Her groans call to me to suck and finger her wet mound ‘til she comes in waves.
She rolls onto her back and spreads her legs for all to see. The audience is captivated. She trails her fingers along her legs and down to her pussy. She rubs her pussy lips again and spreads them to reveal her desire. Her juices cover her fingers as she tweaks her clit for the crowd, and I rub my pussy, too.
She tastes the juices on her fingers and I close my eyes. I imagine her tongue against my swollen clit and I’m brought to the edge of orgasm.
I hear the crowd applaud; the song is over. I open my eyes as the dancer picks up her clothes and leaves the stage. My panties are soaked and I am left unfulfilled. Reality hits and I return my thoughts to the customers at my table.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Naughty Tip


“Laura, are you in there?” Joel entered the booth, only to find Laura lying naked on the VIP couch. “Laura, someone told me to meet you back here.”He scratched his head in confusion, “What’s going on?”
Laura opened her eyes and focused on Joel. “Joel, I need you to help me with something,“ She cooed. Laura’s hand slowly slipped between her thighs, and began to rub her aching, throbbing clit. She smiled up at Joel, flashing him a playful smile.
Joel stood in awe, as he watched Laura continue to play with herself, despite his presence. He knew that he should stop her, because any minute now someone could walk back there, but this was just too good to pass up.
“Laura, I know I said you needed to take care of me, but this wasn’t what I meant. It’s a nice alternative though.”
Laura continued to massage her clit as she reached her free hand towards Joel. “Come here,” She purred.
Joel stepped into the booth, and stood before Laura; the sweat starting to run down the back of his neck. Joel had wanted this for a long time, and Laura was always so restiant; so why now? “Honestly, you don’t have to do this. Money is just fine,” Joel stuttered. Did I just say that? Joel shook his inner self. Shut up, man and just take her.
Laura rosed to her knees and began to run her hands up Joel’s chest, massaging the fabric of his shirt. Laura, fighting the urge to rip it clean off his body, looked innocently up at him, “You can’t seriously tell me that you want money instead of this. Tell me you want me. That you want to fuck me,” Laura pulled at his shirt, “Please Joel; I need you to fuck me right now.”
Joel ran his hands through Laura’s hair, and slowly looked down at her. He wanted her so badly, but was afraid this wasn’t real. He would wake any moment now, and she would be gone. “Laura, are you sure about this?” He swallowed hard.
Laura pushed his shirt slowly upwards, “I want you, Joel. Right here, right now. Please don’t deny me this.” She began to lick and nibble along his waistline, feeding upon the scent of his skin. His musk was powerful and it made her pussy even wetter. She ran her tongue along his stomach, tasting the saltiness of his flesh. His skin was so smooth against Laura’s tongue.
Laura’s actions were driving Joel wild and he could no longer wait to feel her body. Joel dropping to his knees and positioned himself between Laura’s silky thighs. Joel’s eyes feasted upon the sight of Laura’s gorgous body. God, she’s looks so hot. How did I get so lucky? He pulled his shirt over his head and flung it onto the floor. He grasped Laura, pulling her closer, her breasts pushing up against him. He closed his eyes, focusing on the way her breasts felt; so soft and warm. He drew back to look at her, but she pulled in again, this time kissing him forcefully. Her mouth greedily closed over his as if she were trying to devour him.
Joel’s breathing quickened, matching Laura’s perfectly as if they were now somehow connected. Joel cupped her breasts in each hand, licking and teasing her tiny pink nipples until he could feel them harden in his mouth. Laura arched back in delight, her knees almost buckling under her from the shock.
Laura pulled Joel down onto the couch, and moved herself onto the floor in front, her eyes in inflamed in passion. Joel held his arms up to her, “Laura, you are incrediable.”
Laura found herself crawling between his legs. “I want this now,” she moaned as she forcefully ran her hands along his inner thighs. Unzipping his pants, she hungrily reached within to reveal his thick, hard cock, and began to lick slowly up the shaft. The smell of it was so manly and turned her on even more. As she reached the top, Laura parted her wet lips and sucked vigorously. She never felt so determined to please a man as she did right then and there. Joel had to come and come hard, or she wouldn’t be satisfied.
Laura went further down each time she sucked, listening in delight to the sounds of Joel’s moaning. His hand rested on the back of her neck, moving in motion with her head. Laura wrapped her right hand around his cock, moving in unison with her mouth. The more noise Joel made, the more she teased him; rolling her tongue around the tip of his cock. Joel was enjoying every movement of her mouth, but he didn’t want to come now. He wanted to be inside her, and so he pulled her head away from him.
Joel pulled Laura onto the couch, dipped his head between her legs, and slid his right index finger between her moist pussy lips. He rubbed the outer regions, teasing her. Laura quivered in anticipation as she wished Joel’s fingers would slip inside her. Finally he penetrated her folds, moving in and out rapidly. Laura held her breath in bliss as she bucked wildly against his moving hand. The heat that had began in her stomach now flamed wildly throughout her body and burned hotter with each motion of Joel’s hand. She couldn’t take it any longer; the passion consumed her so, and she needed to be filled completely inside.
Laura cradled Joel’s head as she beckonened him closer with her eyes. Joel responsed and slipped his fingers from her wet pussy.
Laura felt like she wanted to consume him as she kissed him fast and hard. She wanted him inside her now. Laura glazed into Joel’s eyes. “I want to feel your cock inside me, please,” she purred, “I need it now.”
Joel moaned lustfully at this request, and pulling Laura swiftly onto his lap, proceeded to hungrily kiss her neck. He nibbled his way up to her ear. “Your wish is my command,” he whispered.
Joel picked Laura up and lowered her slowly down onto his awaiting cock, enjoying the feel of her moist pussy lips as they enveloped him. She was so tight inside; he almost wanted to come. Joel wrapped his hands completely around Laura’s waist; her back was moist with sweat and her breathing was now more rapid than ever. He thrusted fiercely inside her; sucking hard on her breast as she moved in time with him. Laura bit her lip, holding back her blissful screams, as she pushed hard against Joel’s thrusting groin. Her pussy muscles tightened around his cock, and in one great explosion of pleasure, Laura came. The tightening of Laura’s pussy felt so good, Joel lost control and released his hot cum into Laura’s willing body. Sweaty and tired, Joel pulled out and they both fell back against the couch in a moment of absolute pleasure.
Joel turned slightly and held his hand up to Laura’s chin, “Well, you were right. That was definitely better than a $20 tip. I should pick your music more often if that’s how you’re going to thank me.”
Laura laughed, “What can I say. You’re a great strip club DJ and Motley Crue makes me horny.”

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Training Session


Sonia lay shaking on the floor, tears rolling down her cheeks, soaking into the Persian carpet beneath her. Her new gold collar was cold around her neck, and Sonia wanted nothing more than to remove it. Its coldness stung her flesh like a terrible warning of the treatment ahead of her. Sitting up, Sonia grasped the chain from her collar and tugged hard in a futile attempt to free herself from her bond. But no matter how hard she pulled, the chain continued to hold strong to the wall.
Sonia had been brought here, because her father had failed to pay for his last drug shipment and his business partner, David had decided he was no longer patient enough to wait for the money. Instead of killing her father, which would provide him with no real financial gain, he decided to sell Sonia to an underground slave trader to recover his lost funds. He told her that she would be trained as a sex slave by her new owners, and once ready, she would be sold off in an auction to the highest bidder. She would spend the rest of her life making up for her father’s mistakes.
Sonia could hear movement down the hallway and she dropped her chain and wiped the tears from her face. The footsteps stopped outside her door, and she could hear the mumbled words of a man talking to the guard outside. Could this be the start of her so-called training session? Sonia sat back down on the floor in a fetal position as to cover her body in shame. The previous men had left her in only her red lace bra and underwear. The door unlocked and two young men stepped into the room. Both were average height, blond-haired and blue eyed, but the first seemed a little heavier than the other. He was the first to speak. Bending down, he ran his hands along Sonia’s face, “David was right; she is a pretty little thing.”
Sonia slapped his hand away, “Don’t touch me, you pervert!”
He laughed, grabbing her hand. “She’s got fire in her too. Don’t worry; we’ll change that.”
Sonia’s eyes grew wide. Were these the men that were going to train her as a slave? Sonia wished she hadn’t smacked him.
“From this point on, you will refer to us as Master. I am Master Dean and this gentleman behind me is Master Mark. You will do as we say, when we say it, or you will be punished.” Walking behind Sonia, he unchained her collar from the wall and walked back beside her. “Follow me to the bed on your hands and knees.”
Sonia tried not to cry. She crawled to the bed as she was told. She didn’t want to give her new Masters any reason to punish her, not unless it was absolutely necessary. Stopping at the side of the bed, Dean reattached Sonia’s chain to the headboard, and then pulled a small riding crop from a cabinet on the wall.
“The task is simple today,” Dean stated. “You are to service us to the best of your abilities and then from there, we can determine what we need to work with you on.”
Mark positioned himself behind Sonia, “Do as you’re told, and we’ll reward you.”
Dean suddenly cracked the whip across the bed post, causing Sonia to jump. “Don’t do as you’re told, and we’ll punish you. Get the point?”
Sonia looked at the floor. “Yes,” she whimpered.
Dean bent down, lifting Sonia’s chin with his whip. “Yes, what?”
Sonia looked him in the eyes. “Yes, Master.”
The words seemed to get caught in her throat as she forced them out.
“Good. Let’s begin.”
Both men proceeded to unbutton their collared shirts, while Sonia remained positioned on the floor like a dog. Never had she felt so humiliated; however Sonia knew that things were about to get a lot worse.
Dean tossed his shirt aside. “Slave, I want you to blow me. I want you to get up on your knees, pull my cock out of my pants, and give me the best blow job you can.”
Mark knelt down beside Sonia, and gripping her hair yanked her head back. He moved his hand along her face, touching every inch of her. “Such a pretty face. It would be such a shame to damage it. So why don’t you do as Master Dean asked?!”
He released her hair and pushed her onto the floor. “Now, get up and service him. Don’t get any ideas about biting him, or I’ll do more than pull your hair.”
Sonia sat up on her knees and stared at the lump in Dean’s tan dress pants. Could she really do this? Could she really suck the cock of a complete stranger?
Slowly she undid his pants, and pulled out Dean’s cock. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably. His cock was huge; much bigger than anything she had ever seen before. The mere size of it frightened her. How could she ever get that into her mouth?
A musky scent arose from his open pants. Sonia stuck her tongue out and touched it the end of Dean’s cock. A taste like smoked meat invaded her mouth, making her gag.
Dean, placing his hand on the back of her head, pulled her in closer. “Don’t lick it, Slave; suck it. Put it in your mouth and suck it.”
Sonia parted her lips and slowly lowered her mouth over Dean’s cock. The shaft felt greasy on her tongue and again Sonia had to fight gagging. She began to move her mouth up and down; her tongue rolling around the tip as she came up. Dean let out a low moan, “Oh, good Slave.” He grabbed her hand and led it up towards his balls, “Now, alternate playing with my balls and my cock.”
Sonia carefully cupped Dean’s balls and massaged them, much to his delight.
“Now, my cock,” ordered Dean. Sonia moved her hand up to stroke Dean’s cock as she continued to move her wet mouth up and down it.
Dean moaned even louder now, and stroked the back of Sonia’s head. “God, how I love a good blow job.”
Out of the corner of Sonia’s eye, she could now see Mark had pulled his cock out and was stroking it.
Mark placed his hand on Sonia’s shoulder, still stroking away. “Slave, I need some attention too. Stroke my cock with your other hand.” Mark led Sonia’s free hand up to his waiting cock, and began to move it up and down at a speed of his liking.
After a few moments of proceeding like this, Sonia could feel Dean’s cock beginning to tighten, as if he were ready to blow at any minute. She dreaded the thought of him cumming in her mouth. She was sure to puke then.
Mark, gently pulling Sonia’s face away from Dean, lowered her head unto his cock. “Slave, I think it’s my turn.”
Dean sat down on the bed, and watched as Sonia continued to pleasure Mark. “I still don’t think she’s putting her best effort in yet.” Dean slapped the small riding crop hard against Sonia’s ass and smirked as she winced from the pain. “Come on, Slave. Lick his balls.” Sonia stopped sucking Mark’s cock and taking a deep breath, began lapping at his balls. She teased them ever so slightly as Mark gripped her hair, pulling just enough so it hurt. Sonia closed her eyes, as she held back another wave of tears. She felt that if she cried, the punishment could be worse.
Dean tapped Mark’s shoulder with the whip, “Okay, enough or you’ll blow your load too quickly.”
Sonia pulled away, wiping her mouth. The two men tucked their dicks back into their pants, and stood on either side of Sonia.
“Slave, on the bed.” Sonia crawled up onto the bed, the cold chain moving along her back as she crawled towards the middle. Sonia sat and watched as Dean walked over to a chest at the end of the bed and removed something from it. Dean tossed it on the bed next to Sonia, who could now see that it was a small blue vibrator. “Spread your legs for me.”
Sonia cringed inside. What were they going to do to her now? Leaning back on her hands, she spread her legs to reveal that she had been sweating so much that her panties had gotten wet.
“Someone’s enjoying all of this. Most first timers need to be whipped into shape before they’ll suck cock, but you seem to be a natural at this,” Mark laughed.
“You, pigs! You think I enjoy this!” Sonia suddenly screamed.
Both men climbed onto the bed, positioning themselves behind and in front of Sonia and quickly gripped her arms and legs to hold her down.
“That wasn’t very nice. I thought you were enjoying your lesson, but I guess we need to better make you understand that you are not to speak unless we ask you to. We are the Masters here.” Dean, holding both Sonia’s arms with his one hand, slapped his crop across Sonia’s pussy multiple times and watched as she cried out in pain.
“Please stop. I’ll be good. Please,” Sonia cried, as tears streamed down her face.
“Please, what?” Dean raised the crop behind his head.
“Please, Master. I’ll behave.”
“That’s better.” Dean smiled.
The two men released their grip on Sonia’s limbs. “Now, get undressed,” barked Mark.
Sonia unclipped her bra and placed it beside her. Mark quickly snapped it up and threw it across the room. “Sorry, but you won’t be wearing these ever again. Clothes are only allowed for slaves that behave.”
Sonia bowed her head as she wiped her tears away and slipped off her panties. Watching as Mark threw those away too, she now felt completely vulnerable and at the complete mercy of these two men. She pulled her legs up towards her chest and looked towards the wall.
“Did I tell you to cover up? Spread your legs, Slave!” Dean cracked his whip against the bed post and Sonia quickly parted her legs again, positioning her hands on either side of her body.
“That’s much better.” Mark dipped his hand between her legs and began to softly rub Sonia’s clit. “My god, are you ever wet. How could you not be enjoying this?”
Dean came in from behind Sonia and began to caress her breasts, massaging them. “Have you ever had two men pleasure you at once, Slave?”
Sonia tensed up, “No, I haven’t.” The feel of two men’s hands on her body made Sonia uncomfortable and yet, at the same time, they started to feel really good.
Sonia felt mixed feelings of pleasure and shame pulse through her body.
Mark teased Sonia’s clit with his tongue, lapping it up and down, causing her to really get wet. Meanwhile, Dean’s fingers rolled and pinched Sonia’s nipples, as he held her back against his chest.
“See slavery isn’t all about being the giver. In our industry some clients want to dominate you by making you service them and some want to dominate you by making you cum as many times as they want you too. Basically slavery is about not having any control over what you are made to do.”
Mark lifted his head up and returned to rubbing Sonia’s swollen clit, “See I want you to moan for me. Show me that you like it, Slave.”
Sonia held her tongue; she couldn’t give in. She couldn’t let herself enjoy this.
Mark pushed his two fingers inside Sonia’s pussy and began to thrust in and out of her. “You can’t fight this.”
Dean leaned over Sonia’s shoulder and softly sucked on her left nipple, still teasing the right with his fingers.
Sonia bit into her lip, hoping the pain would dull the feeling, but somehow it still turned her on. Her body shook and tingled all over. She couldn’t help but buck against Mark’s fingers; the pleasure these men were giving her was incredible.
“See I knew she liked it,” Mark told Dean. “But you’re still not telling me what I want to hear,” he said to Sonia. Mark pulled his fingers out and motioned to Dean to stop as well. “Maybe if we stop, you’ll play along better.”
Sonia lay panting; her body covered in sweat, and her pussy still longing for their touch. “I…,” she swallowed hard, “I want this.” Did that just come out of my mouth?, She thought.
“Not good enough.” Mark began to stroke Sonia’s pussy again. “Tell me you want my fingers in your pussy, Slave.”
Sonia looked up at Dean. His cock pulsed against her back, as if lying in wait for its turn to play. She looked back at Mark, and in her tiniest voice, squeaked, “I want your fingers in my pussy. Please, Master.”
“Say I want you to finger fuck me hard,” he ran his fingers down her wet pussy lips. “Say it!”
Dean reached down and pinched Sonia’s nipples.
“I want you to finger fuck me hard, Master.” Sonia closed her eyes.
“Good girl.” Mark reached beside him and picked up the small vibrator. Dean released Sonia’s breasts and placed his hands between her thighs.
Sonia opened her eyes the moment she heard the small device start to buzz. She had never used a vibrator before and was a little taken aback by the object.
Mark ran it gently over her nipples and down her stomach to her clit. The feeling was startling at first and it made Sonia squirm.
“Just relax. It won’t bite.” Dean rubbed his hands over Sonia’s legs.
Mark continued to hold the vibrator to Sonia’s clit, and watch as she shook every few seconds from this new feeling she was experiencing.
At first it hurt like little bees stinging, and though Sonia tried to move away from it, Dean held her place forcing her to endure it. Soon though, it changed from a stinging to a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her mouth began to water as if her body was hungry for more. Sonia couldn’t help but moan slightly in delight to the new feeling this little toy was causing.
Mark tossed the vibrator off to the side, and he returned to fingering Sonia’s pussy. Her body began to sweat and quiver from the two, and soon her wet pussy was tightening around Mark’s fingers.
“I think she likes it. I can feel her pussy getting tighter.” Mark smirked.
Sonia closed her eyes as the pleasure finally climaxed and her whole body shook with delight. The orgasm made her feel as if her body had betrayed her to these men. Though her mind still said no, her body was screaming yes.
“There’s the little slut we were looking for. I knew she was in there somewhere; she just needed a reason to come out.” Mark slipped his cock out of his pants, and began to stroke it. This frightened Sonia and she tried to move away from him but Dean held her in place. Mark removed his fingers and teased Sonia’s clit with his cock.
“Are you ready for this?” He slapped his cock against her. “Because I’m ready for you.”
Sonia shook her head in fear, “No, please.”
Dean yanked on Sonia’s hair, pulling her head back to meet his gaze. “Just let it happen, or I swear I’ll fucking beat your ass red.”
Sonia wanted to be sick. Since the very beginning of this, she hadn’t wanted to give in to them, but the thought of his hard cock inside her was starting to sound really good. She wanted so badly just to let them fuck her till she passed out.
Dean released her hair and started to stroke her face, “Now, Ask Master Mark nicely to please fuck you.”
Sonia nodded. Looking back at the waiting Mark, she swallowed hard. “Please Master Mark, I want you to fuck me,” She said slowly.
“You’re such a good little girl, aren’t you?”
With that comment, Mark slipped his cock into Sonia, while Dean continued to hold her. At first, Sonia felt the urge to move away, as it felt as it someone was completely ripping out her insides, but just as she tried to move away, Dean gripped her breasts, and she knew that there was nowhere to go.
Sonia tried to relax as Mark continued to move his cock back and forth inside her. She leaned back into Dean’s arms as she focused on the pleasure rather than the pain of the situation. She focused on tingles from her nipples as Dean licked at them and she focused on the tingles from her pussy as Mark’s cock moved in her. The more she focused, the more she enjoyed it. The feeling of two men licking her, rubbing her, paying attention to her every need, was so incredible that she wondered why she had never done it before.
Mark groaned aloud on top of Sonia, as he pulled his cock out and began to stroke it further into climax.
Dean lifted Sonia up from the bed. “Be there to catch it for him, Slave. A Master’s seed should never hit the ground.”
Sonia found herself willingly opening her mouth to him. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to gobble it up. Mark let out one last moan as his hot cum shot forth and into Sonia’s mouth. Sonia closed her eyes as the last drops hit her tongue and she swallowed. She held Mark’s cock in her fist and moved onto her knees to lap up the remaining droplets of come.
Dean gripped Sonia’s ass as he pushed her down into dog position, “Look, at this perfect little ass! If I wasn’t so keen on trying that pussy, I’d fuck you in the ass, Slave.” He chuckled as he slapped her ass.
Sonia was relieved to hear her virgin ass would remain that way, but she found herself impatiently waiting the feeling of Dean’s cock inside her. Though this had begun as an unwanted event, Sonia now felt as if she would burst if she didn’t get to fuck again.
Dean took his cock in his hand and rubbed the tip of it against Sonia’s wet, little pussy. “Do you want this now, Slave? I’ll give it to you but you have to ask for it nicely.”
Sonia grasped her gold chain with one hand and playfully pushed her ass against Dean’s cock. “Please Master can I have your cock inside me?” she cooed.
Mark looked at Dean with surprise, “Didn’t take much for her to come out of her shell, did it?”
“Oh, but her training isn’t over yet, and who knows how she’ll take this new life,” Dean stated, still rubbing his cock over Sonia’s waiting pussy.
As Sonia suddenly remembered the horrible situation as it really was, Dean finally slipped his cock into her wet slit. The pleasure quickly erased her mind. Feeling him plowing into her warm pussy from behind sent shockwaves through her body and Sonia wanted to forget all that ever was. Something about the way he gripped her thighs as he moved his throbbing cock in and out, was almost too much for her body to contain. Her mind went numb and her entire body shook as she came harder than before.
Sonia’s pussy tightened around Dean’s cock, which brought him to the brink of coming. Dean, quickly pulling out, shot forth his hot, creamy cum onto Sonia’s back and then collapsed on the bed beside her. Sonia dropped down onto her stomach and let out a low tired moan; her body, moist and quivering, had turned her over to these men and Sonia knew now that everything from this point on would be different, because now she felt different about everything that lay before her.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sex in a Motel Room

This Story is a Work in Progress. Please leave me your comments as I need some feed back to help me finish it. Thanks.

The rain was pouring down heavy as I jumped out of my old ’86 Chevette, and ran around to open the passenger side door for Jane. As I opened the door, Jane stepped slowly out of my car as she looked towards the rundown motel. She seemed unsure about staying here with me tonight, but considering the circumstances, this was the safest place for her. We had driven through the blacken streets trying to escape the men that pursued us - that pursued her. I wished that there was a better place for us to stay for the night, but I really hadn’t planned for this.
My name is Logan Fields. I’m a bodyguard for hire. I spent three years in the US Army, before being dishonorably discharged for a crime I didn’t commit. I don’t like to talk about it; it’s something I can’t change so I don’t dwell on it. Soon afterwards I set up my protection agency, because I figured my skills had to be worth something to someone out there.
One week ago I was hired as a personal bodyguard for Miss Jane Winston. I was to protect her until she had made her court appearance as a witness in a murder case. Unfortunately for Jane, she accidentally walked into her country club’s kitchen during a party one night, and fell witness to the murder of the governor’s nephew. Apparently, he had failed to pay back all the drug money he owed to the local cartel and they had decided to collect it in his blood instead. Although unseen at the time, it didn’t take long for the thugs to figure out who Jane was and what she had witnessed. They had tried to take her out with a car bomb, but fortunately for her, Jane always used valet services. Not so fortunate for the valet that started her car, though. It was after that incident that Jane’s father decided to hire me. He could have called in a more professional protection agency, but Mr. Winston wanted a man who knew the mean streets and knew what he was up against.
I had spent the week living at the Winston Mansion, watching Jane’s every move. She was a stereotypical rich girl; she spent hours shopping in the finest stores, being pampered at the finest spas and attending the best parties. She didn’t appreciate me as her new shadow and even tried to ditch me a couple of times. I always caught up with her though and lectured her afterwards. I almost called it quits, not caring to protect her if she didn’t care, but the money was too good and somehow I didn’t think she understood how much danger she was in. Even with the car bomb, she was more concerned about the loss of her new Lexus than the fact that she could have died. But following tonight’s event, I think she understood now more than ever.
Early I had escorted Jane to another one of her rich friend’s parties in a downtown club, and after hooking up with a young man at the party, she tried to give me the slip again. This time, though I found her pinned against the alley wall with a knife held to her throat. The young man turned out to be a member of the cartel sent to silence Jane for good this time. I managed to throw the thug off her, but several of his friends decided to show up as I finished punching his lights out. I grabbed her hand and we raced off down the alley towards my car, as I knew I couldn’t handle so many of them. They pursued, but I soon lost them on the one-way streets. I decided to take off towards my place until it was safe to contact her father. That’s how we found ourselves standing outside my motel room, drenched from the rain, and scared of what might happen next.
As I unlocked my door, my stomach turned at the thought of another person seeing my room. It hadn’t been cleaned in months and I dreaded the comments that would come from Jane once she saw it. There were empty bottles of Jack Daniels in every corner and several full ashtrays on practically every flat surface. A few scattered pizza boxes littered the floor and my dirty clothes covered the rest. I pulled the keys from the lock and invited Jane in, “Please don’t mind the mess. I wasn’t expecting any guests.”
Jane looked around the room. She was soaked to the bone, and white as a ghost. She stood there in the doorway shaking, possibly from the cold, but more likely scared from her encounter. I wrapped my arm around her in an attempt to comfort her, but she pulled away and walked further into my room. Closing the door, I locked several bolts and chains for security. “I think I need to sit down,” Jane mumbled.
“Oh, let me move some stuff for you.” I quickly moved past Jane, as I tried to remove some of the clutter from the couch and the bed. I didn’t make the place much better, but at least she could sit down without my dirty underwear in the way. I escorted her gently over to the couch, and as she sat down I noticed the swelling around her right eye. “Jane, did he hit you?” I ran my fingers along the side of her face.
Jane looked into my eyes and suddenly burst into tears. “I can’t do this, Logan. I can’t spend the rest of my life running from these men, always looking over my shoulder. I tried to ignore it, hoping they would just go away, perhaps forget about me, but they’re never going to go away. They won’t stop till I’m dead.”
I knelt down in front of her. “Jane, I promise I will protect you to the very end of this, but you have to stop running away from me, from your problems. This isn’t a bad dream; these men are real, and if you don’t start letting me protect you, they will find you and they will kill you. Please let me protect you.”
Jane wrapped her arms around me and snuggled her face into my neck. When I first took this job, I could’ve cared less about this girl, but now I found myself deeply afraid that I may lose her. As her hot breath hit my neck, I could feel my heart break at the thought of what may happen if I didn’t protect her. She was a scared little girl and she needed me. I needed to be strong for her.
Jane pulled back and looked again into my eyes. Her wavy blond hair was tangled from the rain and her makeup smeared from my clothes. I pulled her arms away and walked towards the bathroom. “Let me get you a towel to dry off with. Don’t want to catch a cold.”
I returned with a couple of clean towels and handed one off to Jane. I watched as she ran the towel across her face and chest, wiping the water droplets from her skin. Her skin was so perfect looking as she dabbed the towel across her ample cleavage. I could feel my cock stir in my pants as I imagined running my tongue down her chest, lapping up the beads of water. God, what was I thinking? I ran my towel across my damp brown hair furiously, turning now to face the wall. I was getting way too turned on by this, and needed to focus on the problems at hand. If the cartel’s resources were vast, they may be able to track us down tonight, and I needed to be ready. Suddenly I heard Jane stand up and I turned to see if she needed anything. “Is something wrong? Do you need something?”
Her black dress dripped water onto my floor as she stood there drying her hair. “Some dry clothes, perhaps just a t-shirt to change into.” She looked down at her rain soaked attire.
My cock pulsated at the thought of Jane in just a t-shirt. I didn’t really trust myself to behave in such a situation, but she did need to change out off those wet clothes as did I, and I figured I’d just had to control myself. “Yes, I’m sure I have some clean clothes around here.”
Draping the wet towel around my neck, I walked towards my closet and pulled out a clean pair of pants and a shirt for myself and a long dress shirt for Jane. As I turned around to hand off the shirt to Jane, I discovered that she had stripped down out of her wet dress and stood there in only her undergarments. She had on a little black lace bra with matching panties, and a pair of black thigh highs, held up by a garter belt. The garments seemed to just hold in the delicate curves of her body and I could feel butterflies emerge in my stomach as my eyes traced the lines of her bra towards the middle of her silky white breasts. How could I keep thinking this way? I turned my head back towards the wall. “Oh, I didn’t mean to look….”
Jane walked towards me and took the shirt from my hand. “That’s okay. I don’t mind.”
Her hand was soft as it touched mine, and I wondered if the rest of her body was as soft. I couldn’t help but look her over as she stood there, pulling my shirt on. I could still see the dark shadows of her bra and underwear lightly hidden under my white shirt. I pulled the towel from my neck and continued to dry off. My clothes were completely soaked through, and I needed to change all my clothes. I started towards the bathroom to change into my dry clothes and Jane followed. “Where are you going?” she asked with a sense of abandonment in her voice.
I held her gaze. “I’m just going into the bathroom to change. I’ll be right back.”
Jane grabbed my hand as I turned towards the bathroom again. “Please don’t. I don’t want to be alone for a second. Please.”
Her eyes seemed to hypnotize me into wanting to stay. I still was amazed by irony of her request. First she didn’t want me around, and now she couldn’t live without my presence in the room. Isn’t it funny how things can change so quickly? I held her hands in mine. “Fine, I’ll change out here, but you have to turn around. I need to take off everything.”
Jane smiled. “Thank you.”
“No problem, but I need you to turn around now.”
I pushed her gently towards the couch. She turned her body to face the wall and crossed her arms in protest. “Fine, I promise I won’t look.”
I grabbed my dry clothes and dropped them on the bed. I removed my wet, probably ruined tie and threw it into a corner of the room. I had decided not to even try to salvage it. Unbuttoning my shirt slowly, I suddenly felt Jane behind me as she grasped the folds of my shirt. She gently moved my shirt off my shoulders for me and grasped it tighter as she snuggled into my back. The butterflies had returned to my stomach.
“I thought I told you not to look.”
Before I could turn around, and speak, Jane silenced me with her tiny finger. She continued to remove my shirt down off my arms and onto the floor. She stared into my eyes, as she ran her delicate fingers along my chest. “Logan, I want you to hold me tonight. I need to feel safe in your arms.”
Jane’s blue eyes seemed to draw me in as she pleaded with me. She was scared and confused, desperate for something to cling to. I knew deep down it was wrong to give into her request, but something in me couldn’t say no. I reached down, griping her ass in my hands and lifted her to meet my mouth in a lustful kiss. Her lips were sweet like candy and I wanted more. I carried Jane over towards the bed as she wrapped her body around mine. Her legs brushed my sides and all I could think about was how wonderful it was to be between them. The smoothness of them was driving me wild, and I couldn’t wait to tear the rest of Jane’s clothes off.
I leaned forward over the bed and Jane released her hold on me, dropping to the bed. Her white, silky skin seemed to glow against my black bed sheets, turning her into a delicate angel. She leaned back on the bed; her stocking feet now against my chest. I softy ran my fingers along the length of Jane’s leg, feeling the softness of the stocking material. “God, how I love thigh-highs. I love how they enhance the look of a woman’s legs, and I especially love how they frame a women’s pussy. Almost like two arrows pointing to the best part,” I said.
Jane smiled. “Do you now? Well, aren’t you the dirty boy.”
“I’m just stating the truth.”
Jane pulled her feet away and positioned herself on her knees in front of me. “Well, tell me what else you like.” Jane cooed, as her lips drew closer to mine.
I met her lips and kissed her hard, drinking in her fresh rain drop smell. I ran my fingers through her wet, blond locks, hoping that the world would just go away for tonight. It had been a long time since something this wonderful had come my way and I wanted nothing to interrupt it.
“Jane, are you sure about this? I mean, this isn’t just because you’re scared, is it, because I…
Jane interrupted me, but I heard nothing. All I saw was the moving of her sweet, pink lips and that was enough to convince me. I reached down around her back and fumbled with the clasp on her bra. My fingers were large and thick, and this caused me to always have problems manipulating small things.
The expression on my face must have tipped Jane off to my problem, and she reached behind her to unclasp the bra herself. I slowly moved the bra straps down off her shoulders to expose her perfect, pink breasts. Her nipples were hard, maybe from the cold or maybe from me; either way they were amazing. Perfectly tiny and round, they moved with each breath Jane took. My cock pushed against the fabric of my wet pants, as I watched them move up and down.
Jane took my hands in hers and moved them onto her chest. Her breasts were cold and moist still from the rain, and I yearned to warm them with my mouth.
Jane held my hands tight against her, as she pulled me onto the bed.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

You Fill Me Up

You fill my head with knowledge
You fill my heart with love
You fill my soul with hope
And you fill my body with yours

You fill my mouth with your tongue
You fill my mouth with your cock
You even finish by filling my mouth with your cum

You fill my hands when I feel your body
You fill my hands when I play with your balls
You fill my hands when I stroke your cock

You fill my pussy with your fingers
You fill my pussy with your tongue
You fill my pussy with our toys
You fill my pussy with your cock
And you even finish by filling my pussy with your cum

How I love all the ways that you fill me up.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Private Dance


The music changes as I enter the VIP room with my customer in tow. The songs are softer back here; easier to dance to. I guide him over to my favorite booth and place my purse on the small tile top table in the corner.
“Welcome to my Office.”
He smiles. “That’s cute.”
I direct him to the multi-coloured loveseat. He sits down, leaning his back against the side of it.
“Actually, I need you to sit in the middle.” I smile. “I require some leg space to work.”
“Oh, sorry.” He shifts his body into the center of the couch.
I drop my pussy towel onto his lap, and he shoots me that confused look as every man does. “The towel is for protection, so I don’t leave any wet spots on your lap.”
I lie. It’s really so he doesn’t leave any wet spots on my ass, but he doesn’t need to know that.
As a new song begins over the backroom speakers, I softly straddle his lap and wrap my arms around his neck, gazing deeply into his deep blue eyes.
“What are the rules here?” he asks, while starting to rub my legs.
They always touch before I tell them. How bold of them to assume that I’ll let them touch me anyway. I start to play with his short locks of brown hair. “Well there are three simple rules to follow back here. One: You can touch anything you like, except my pussy. Two: You can only touch with your hands. And three: Everything on your gorgeous body has to remain under your clothes. Okay?”
“I think I can follow those.”
I grind my hips with the beat of the music. “Good.”
Still moving my fingers through his hair, I focus on the music. It’s “Porno Mouth” by Holly McNarland.
“I love this song.” He groans. “Reminds me of sex.”
“Kinky.” I slowly push the straps of my black dress down over my shoulders. “Why sex? Other than the obvious name of the song, ‘Porno Mouth.’”
“Because of the way she builds the song up; her voice becomes stronger and stronger. It’s like an orgasm.”
I remove the straps from my arms. “I can see that.”
His eyes move to my chest as I expose my breasts. Their small but impressive none the less. I don’t need big breasts to impress my customers.
“So, I can touch those?”
I move his hands to my breasts and force his fingers to massage them. “Yes, you can.”
He continues to mimic my hands and I groan softly.
“You are good at this, aren’t you?”
“You make it easy. I could massage your body for hours.”
“Good. Then move to this.” I balance my left leg on the left arm of the couch, and then, leaning over the back of the couch, I pull my ass up towards his face. He lifts my dress up to reveal my black g-string, sitting nestled between my ass cheeks.
“Lovely.” His voice is like warm chocolate.
He grips my ass cheeks and massages them up and down. His hands are like magic as I grip the back of the couch.
“Spank me!” I ask forcefully.
“What?” He is startled by my request.
I turn and rub my hand gently across the exposed ass cheek that sits before his face. “I said, spank me.”
I crack my hand across my ass and the sound echoes through the room.
“Doesn’t that hurt?” He rubs his hand over my ass once more.
“Only if you do it right.” I shoot him a wicked smile.
“Like this.” He raises his hand and quickly brings it down onto my ass, creating another echo affect.
I wince in pain, but it’s a good wince. “Just like that.”
I slide back down into his lap and cup his face in my hands. ‘The things I could do to you.”
I lift myself off his lap and turn to face the wall.
“Tell me.” He leans forward in his seat.
I bend over and look at him through my legs. “But that would ruin the surprise.”
I grin and stand back up.
Standing with my legs together, I grip the sides of my dress and pull it down seductively. I move it all the way down my legs till I stop at my ankles. My body is completely bent over. I leave my dress at my feet and move my hands all the way back up my legs.
He stares with desire in his eyes, as I toss the dress off my feet and out of the way.
“Let me see your pussy.”
I turn around and lean my back against the wall of the booth. “Demanding, aren’t you?”
“I’m paying for this, aren’t I? So I want to see your pussy.”
Keeping my back against the wall, I remove my g-string and crouch down with my legs spread for him.
He leans back into the couch, and tosses my towel from his lap. He watches me intensely as he rubs his cock through his dress pants.
“Now, play with it for me. I want to see you get wet.”
I move my fingers between the folds of my pussy and stroke my clit softly. “You like to watch, don’t you?”
He motions me towards him. “Bring that ass closer.”
I stand up and position myself between his legs.
“No. I want you to put your pussy right in front of my face, so I can smell your juices.”
His words make me hot. He speaks so dirty to me that it makes me wet.
He helps me up onto the couch, my legs on either side on his body. My pussy is only inches away from his face.
He reaches up and grips my ass cheeks. His fingers kneed each cheek like dough as he stares deeply into my pussy.
He smiles. “Your pussy smells like sex. I like that. It makes me want to eat it.”
I look down at him. “Well, you can’t. Only I get to play with it.”
They always want to lick my pussy, or finger me. They must think I’ll give in to their demands if they offer to pleasure me first. Silly boys.
He looks up at me. “I think I could change your mind.”
I laugh. “Do you, now? I don’t think so.”
He doesn’t even blink. His face dives deep into my pussy; his tongue laps at my clit. I try to pull away, but his hands hold tight against my ass as he pushes my pussy deeper into his mouth. My legs go weak. His tongue feels so incredible that I can no longer resist him. I grip the top of the booth wall to steady myself. My head get dizzier with each tongue lap.
“Perhaps you can change my mind.”
He sucks hard on my swollen clit as my juices run down his chin. I moan softly, hoping no one can hear me. Not that I really care right now.
“God, you taste like honey.” His voice is gravelly.
He pushes two fingers into my wetness and I grip the wall harder. He fucks me with them, and I am all tingling inside.
“Do you like my fingers inside your wet slit?”
I nod as I bite my lip.
“I want to hear you say it, slut!”
He smacks my ass hard.
I cry out. “Yes, I love your fingers inside me.”
He pulls his fingers out of me and runs them under his nose. “You smell like a dirty slut.”
He tastes my juices. “And you taste like one too.”
My pussy aches as I stand there, my juices running down my thighs. I want him to play with me again.
He smacks my ass once again. “Get down and bend over in front of me.”
I slowly step down from the couch. My legs are weak and shaking. I feel so dirty right now.
He stands up. His body towers over my own and I feel dominated.
“Bend over. I want to see your ass.” His voice is powerful now, like a different man stands before me than the one I came in with.
I turn around and bend over with my hands around my ankles. He runs his fingers down between my pussy lips. They slip into my wet folds, penetrating my hole once again. I moan as he enters me. I move against his fingers, fucking them like a cock.
“Impatient, aren’t you? I bet you can’t wait to get fucked by my hard cock, can you?”
He grips the side of my ass and thrusts his fingers faster into me. I feel like I want to explode. My body shivers and I think of how his cock will feel inside. I want to cum so badly with him inside me.
He pulls his fingers out of me and licks them clean. “Time to suck my cock, little girl.”
I stand upright and turn to see him unzip his dress pants.
He slips his cock out of his pants and waves it at me. Its size is incredible. So big I wonder if it will fit inside me.
“On your knees, bitch.” He points to the ground in a commanding manner.
I obey and drop down to my knees. I grip his cock and the smell of it fills me. It smells manly. I suck the shaft of his cock deep into my mouth and he groans above me. I work it in and out of my mouth, and I can feel him harden more.
He places his hands on my head and pushes my mouth further down on him. I work the rest of the shaft with my hand and I can feel his right leg tighten under my other hand. He’s close to coming and I know it.
He grips my hair and pulls my head back. “Enough. Stand up, now.”
He releases me and I stand. He runs his fingers through my hair as he looks my face over. “Now, how am I going to fuck you?”
He reaches down and pinches my right nipple. I wince in pain and bite my lip.
“You need to be fucked like a slut. You need to be fucked from behind like a dirty whore, do you?”
He pinches me harder. “Don’t you?”
He cocks his head to the side.
I nod, defeated. “Fuck me from behind. Fuck my little wet pussy, please.”
I moan the last words.
He releases my nipple. It’s red and swollen. “Bend over and put your hands on your ankles again.”
I do as he says and he stands behind me. He grips my sides and pulls my ass against him. He grinds his cock against me, spreading my juices up and down his shaft.
He pulls back and looks over my ass again. “What a fine piece of ass.”
My body screams all over for his cock. I remain silent, though, and wait patiently as he rubs the tip of his penis up and down the wetness of my folds.
Finally he plunges into my hole and I groan loudly. The sensation is like a wave of pleasure crashing over me.
“Your pussy is so tight. It’s like breaking in a virgin,” he says in a low growl.
He thrusts his cock quickly in and out of my pussy, and I feel like I could burst. His cock feels like it’s going to split me in half, but somehow I continue to take him in. His breathing becomes a low grunt as he quickens his pace. My body shakes now, and I am close to the edge. I move my right hand up to my swollen clit and play with it to increase my pleasure. My pussy tightens and I am tingling all over.
His sweat drips onto my back and I know he is close. I scream out as I cum. Constant waves of pleasure flow over me as my pussy pulsates around his cock.
He feels my orgasm and grips me tighter. “Cum for me, bitch. Scream out. I want to hear how much you love my cock.”
He bangs his cock harder into me. I put my hands to the ground to steady myself. He growls like a tiger above me, and I feel his cock vibrate inside me. He pulls out, his cum spraying in long shots across my back and ass. I love the warmth and wetness of it.
My own juices slowly trickle down my thighs, and my legs are numb. I stand upright and his cum runs down my back between my ass cheeks. He reaches out and massages the wetness into my ass and up onto my back again.
“Do you like my cum all over your ass?”
I turn my head and look into his eyes. “I do. Makes me feel all dirty.”
He spins me around and kisses me deeply. The warmth of his body reminds me I am safe here.
He hugs me and rocks me back and forth. “This was fun. We should role play again sometime.”
I look into the eyes of my lover. “I agree. I like playing at work. It’s so dirty and risky. Imagine if we ever got caught.”
He smiles at me. “Yes, it does make it naughtier, doesn’t it?”
I grab my pussy towel from the floor and quickly clean up my backside.
“So, now we’ve fulfilled my fantasy of fucking a naughty stripper, do you have anything you’d like to try?”
I toss my towel at him playfully. “Oh, I have lots of fantasies for you. Trust me.”

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pleasure Under Foot

I love my stilettos. At first I was scared of them. The thought of dancing around the stage with them on frightened me. I had tried to wear a friend’s pair once and I felt like I was going to fall the whole time. I couldn’t wait to get them off and get into my flat shoes.
A year later, I was finally forced to wear them. My new club had a strict rule when it came to dancer’s outfits and I had to wear them as part of the rules. I went out before work the next day and bought my first pair. They were a white pair of knee high boots with a stiletto heel. I hated them. I couldn’t walk in them, let alone dance. I couldn’t stop falling in them for the first week.
After a couple of weeks, I realized the boots weren’t matching my outfits anyway and so I had to go out and buy other pairs that did match. I bought two pairs of open toed stiletto heels; one white and one black. These ones were more comfortable, but it wasn’t till I noticed my feet in the mirror on stage that I began to love them. My feet looked sexy in them. The lights on the stairs behind me made me think of a Broadway dancer in a Las Vegas show. I felt feminine in these heels and I never danced the same after that. My movements were sexy and graceful now, and my confidence was huge.
I bought more pairs after that, another pair of black ones with straps that tied up around my leg like a ballerina and a pair made of clear plastic. I love my heels and how they made me feel in them. I was taller and more dominate. I love it.
The last pair of heels I bought was a pair of black knee high boots that laced up tight in the front. These were my favorite of all the heels I had bought up to this point. These heels reminded me of what a dominatrix would wear, and when I wore them, I felt a new power over men.
At this point I loved my heels but it was a customer who showed me how much fun I could really have in them. Taking me in the VIP for a dance, and the customer asked to worship my black heels. I was unsure at first, but agreed to it out of curiosity. He sat the whole time worshiping my heels, licking them up and down the laces. He sucked on the stiletto heel like it was a hard cock. He cleaned them with his tongue and massaged them with his hands. He asked me to step on his chest with my heels, to grind them into his nipples till he screamed out in pain. I did so willingly. I loved to watch him under my feet, to know that my heels brought him such pleasure.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Take My Picture, Please

I want you to take naughty picture of me.
I’ll do my hair and makeup for you.
Pose any way you want me too.
I’ll wear anything you want me too.
Just take a sexy picture of me for you to masturbate too.

I’ll wear my sexy purple nightie, if you like.
Maybe expose my breast or two.
My fingers will perhaps find their way between my thighs.
And work my little clit for you.
Does this sound nice?

Or perhaps something a little more see-through?
I stand against the wall and stare deeply into your eyes.
I’ll show my hip a little
As my hair blows in the breeze
Like a model in the magazines

I sit in velvet chair with my leg up
Wearing only a corset and some thigh highs
Perhaps I’ll show you a little tit for thrill
And shoot you a “come fuck me” stare
Does this idea get you hard?

I could wear something furry and soft for you
Maybe something with feathers and barely anything else?
I could sit down with my beautiful ass in view
Or should I hide it just a little to tease you?
Does any of this sound perfectly naughty to you?

I could get wild for you
Wear you cowboy hat and a leather thong?
Or maybe I’ll just wear the hat for you
You can imagine how it would feel to ride me bareback
As you snap each picture off.
Or maybe you want to ride me doggy style?

Or perhaps I’ll just put on one of your ties
And a little pair of panties to match
I’ll rub the tie against my nipples
And perhaps even between my wet thighs
So that way you can think of me when you wear it.

So, do you want to take some naughty pictures of me?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Quick Tease

You tease me with your cock. Pulling it out when you think no one’s looking. You stroke it for my viewing pleasure. With each tease, you get bolder and bring it towards me. You brush it up against my lips. I quickly try to lick it but you are too fast for me and put it away. I pout at you. You smile and pull your cock back out. You wave it at me to further torment me. I stick my tongue out and sensually lick the air. I want your cock so badly. You move towards me, your hand stroking your shaft. You want me to have it too, but you know it’s too risky. I start to lick it as you pull away. You tell me no more playing, because we may get caught. I tell you that it doesn’t matter. This only turns you on more. Looking around, you see that no one is in sight. I grip your cock and push your hand away. You hesitate at first, but once my tongue is licking its way up your shaft, you can’t help but give in completely. I work my tongue along the length of your cock to the tip as you watch. My pussy is so wet at the thought of someone possibly catching us. Anyone could walk in at any moment, but still I play with your cock. I work my mouth up and down your cock. I love the taste of it, the smell of it. It drives me wild. I massage your balls with my free hand. Your body tightens as you come closer to the edge of orgasm. I can feel your cock harden in my mouth. Gripping your ass with both hands, I push your cock in and out of my mouth at deep as possible. You groan madly as you start to cum, your juices shooting forth into my awaiting mouth. I keep sucking hard as the last drop hits my tongue. You pull out and quickly tuck your cock away. I swallow deeply as to hide all evidence. I smile and tell you I can’t wait to get you home to finish me off. You smile and say why wait……

Monday, November 03, 2008

Can I play with it now?

Can I play with it now?
I want to play with your cock.
To run my fingers along its shaft and stroke it playfully till it’s hard.
I want to massage your perfect balls, feeling the softness of it against my skin.
To tickle it with my tongue and feel you shiver with each wet lap.
I’ll run my lips gently along its shaft, along every ripple till I reach the head.
I would love to trace the rim of your cock’s head with the tip of my tongue.
I want to watch it grow harder with every touch of my body.
I really want to push myself to the limit as I try to deep throat your cock for the first time.
To feel the tip of it against the back of my throat.
I want to make you come hard into my mouth.
So you can watch me shallow every last drop.
Please can I play with it now?